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    thought about terra-xehanort-heartless

    I agree with Rk terra got too close 2 the darkness or fatal mode dark power thing
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    Isn't this ironic?

    Very true i was getting pissed every time he turned me inyo a card or dice
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    First Theory! How Roxas Even Existed, and Why Roxas Looks like Ven.

    If Roxas has Ven's heart then why doesn't he act like Ven and tell people his name is Ven? Also why would Roxas join the Organization if he had Ven's heart. I mean in Kh the heart reflects personality and thier memories, it was a good theory but too many hoels. KEEP TRYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Something I noticed about 358/2 Days image...

    I think Roxas gets the KK because DIZ gave it 2 him. if you look when Roxas gets the keblade it is pixily just like DIZ when Roxas attacks him. DIZ is trying to bring back Sora's memories so he gives Roxas the KK to help Sora. for when Roxas gets the oathkeeper and oblivion he regains his...
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    organization tiles & elements

    i have a question. how is Roxas' element light?
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    sora vs terra in bbs?

    Nah!! I don't think it's going to happen and that would mean you'd have to have an optinal boss 4 Ven & Aqua
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    i seriously thought that Marluxia was a girl!!!!:unsure: but gosh if you dont know who ''HE'' is then im sure youd assume that ''HE'S'' a girl....... FLOWER POWER!!!!!!!!:toungesmile:
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    ~ anyone on this site ever beat sephiroth?

    I know some things you can use yo beat him. So whon you land a combo use finishing leap and make sure you DON'T have finishing plus because if you use it he will teleport behind you and knock you into the air. Also when he goes up inthe air he says ''SIN HEARTLESS ANGEL'' When he does that jump...
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    BBS Growth System (armor) + Diffrent uses of keybalde...

    hmmmmmmmm ................ maybe but still the keyblade flying thing would be cool
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    BBS Growth System (armor) + Diffrent uses of keybalde...

    so do you mean like bounus levels like in kh2 where you do something and then it levels you up?
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    Do you think I should buy Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+

    i dont know if it would be worth all that money ........... also could someone help me with that little message under your avatar? how do i change it:cursing:
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    BBS Growth System (armor) + Diffrent uses of keybalde...

    would that mean youd have to level up all the way before the MX battle:confused:
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    BBS isn't in the future, but......

    :thumbsup:i agree with silverj in KH1 all we got to explore was the castle and rising falls is on the other side of dark depths