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    Atlus vs Square Enix

    Everyone knows Square Enix is the best when it comes to making RPG's but Atlus have delivered their fair share of great games too. Therefore, I am asking everyone option whot is the better game developer Square Enix or Atlus. Benign said Atlus could be a publisher and a developer. Atlus Games...
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    The requirements to being emo?

    The requirements to being emo? Just a random topic. What the requirements are of begin EMO. EMO = Emotional I’m clueless on the subject. Maybe they should make an EMO for Dummies.
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    Why Do You Debate about Religion?

    As I looked throughout the forum, I found many intelligence and open minded people. The reason I made this thread is to found out why do out guys debate about Religion. Do you find it fun to challenge yourself or do you want people to see your way of thinking. Everyone has their own reasons to...
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    Where Do You Think?

    Where do you think we go when we die> This question poped up in my head when my Great Gandmother died. We had the funeral today and I couldn't hope but think where will she go. Please don't give a simple answer like Heaven or Hell because they haven't been proven yet. While dusscionig give...
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    Pokemon! Tag Battle!

    The a few hours ago cartoonetwork showed 3 Rp's of Pokemon straight give your opition about the Ep's and what do you think of Ash getting Paul's Chimchar.
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    Fanfiction ► Tyson’s Journey

    Chapter 2 Battle at Lake Verity! Save Mesprit! Route 201 was a lush, green, wooden area surround by tall trees. Resting on some of the trees were flocks of Starly taking a break from the long flight journey they had taken. Bidoof’s were playing around the vacant trees making sure they didn’t...
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    Fanfiction ► Tyson’s Journey

    I have been doing alot of writing and would like to share my Pokemon Fic I wrote with you guys. Before I contiue I would like to get good revies. I got some reviews saying it was good and some ok. I''l try to work on the grammar if I get good reviews I'll start n chapter 3. Tyson’s Journey...
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    Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

    One of my favorite Anime has been English Dub and some of the voices are crappy. Their goes US voice actors messing up another good Anime. Mature Content | Veoh Video Network
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    why Do People Care?

    Why do people care what Religion you shouldn't people just live their owns lifes and not worry about others all the time. Example I'm the only Atheist at my school yet people still telling me I'm going to Hell or taunt me about it why should they even care at all. I would like to hear others...
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    Birth By Sleep-Movie-

    Advent Children was pretty good and Ven wouldn't be a jerk like you.
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    Birth By Sleep-Movie-

    Not Really its just they would have to make a good stroy for the movie.
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    Birth By Sleep-Movie-

    Of it was a movie it would have to have a completely diffrent story from the game.
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    Birth By Sleep-Movie-

    Befor they make the movie they will have to make the game first but I really dout there will be a movie.
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    Only Atheist at School!

    I have been having many problmes at school about beening a Atheist. I have even gotten into a few fights for no reason at all. Many people look at me all werid and think there so better then me and always say I'm going to Hell. I want to know your options about this and what I should do.
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    BBS Ven and Roxas

    I really dout there is any family relation.
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    Dark Soldier

    I think the Dark Soilder is just a clone MX created from himself to fight battles or gather infromation.
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    Xigbar I wonder?

    Where do you find all these interviews.
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    Final Fantasy Tactics A2: The Sealed Grimoire

    This one of the games I been waiting for on the DS. Here a some videos of the game and arcticles. IGN: Final Fantasy Tactics A2: The Sealed Grimoire Preview IGN: Final Fantasy Tactics A2: The Sealed Grimoire Trailer, Videos and Movies IGN: Final Fantasy Tactics A2: The Sealed Grimoire...
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    What's The Stupidest Thing You Ever Did in COM?

    The Dumdest thing I did was think I could combine cards togeather and use them over again.
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    Xigbar I wonder?

    Are he cpuld be refering to Mickey and Riku.