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    Little dream I had about KH3D

    wow and I thought my going to the movies with Axel and Roxas dream was epic.lol
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    Birth by Sleep Voice Actors Nimoy Confirmed

    when I saw mark hamill on there I just thought about. Homer: hey I thought your ankle was broken? mark hamill: yeah you see the thing about that is...(runs away)
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    kingdom hearts 2 music

    If anyone here could find under the sea(the kingdom hearts version) in english please post it here. thank you. I think I mistakenly put this in the wrong thread. If so please move it.
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    pokemon heart gold/soul silver

    any one going to buy that game? I just pre ordered it over the weekend and now all I have to do is wait until April 1st and its officially mine.:lol::35: So is anyone else going to get it? If so which version and which starter will you choose?
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    the simpsons

    who here still loves the simpsons?
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    Worst world in the game

    wonderland. I hated everything about it.:angry:
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    What enemy frustrates you the most?

    Death to sapphire elegys!:23:
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    kingdom hearts 358/2 days ending

    I didn't play kh2. 358/2 days was the first kh game I played.
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    kingdom hearts 358/2 days ending

    well did Roxas die? or is he still alive.
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    kingdom hearts 358/2 days ending

    I just beat the game and I did not get the ending. can anyone fill me in on the deets?
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    astro boy

    anyone see that movie? I thought it was really good.
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    what day are you on?

    I am now on day 307. I hope I can beat it soon.
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    what day are you on?

    I am on day 224. what day is anyone else on?