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  1. Truth's_Bond

    Profile Picture

    Hi, I need a little help for my profile picture. I've recently tried to change my profile picture, but it won't work. Whenever I try to change the URL or upload a new one, it always says that it is "unable to save" or "faliure writing temporary file." So I deleted my current profile picture...
  2. Truth's_Bond


    Zombie-Loan by PEACH PIT. I just started reading it, and it's a pretty interesting series. Anybody heard of this anime/manga?
  3. Truth's_Bond

    Favorite SoNami moment

    I'm a RokuNami fan, but I also like the relationship Sora and Namine had in COM. It was super, super sweet. X3 While I liked all the scenes from the poll, I'd have to say my favorite was the ending. It was so sad to see Sora making Namine a promise (with her sad theme in the background). I...
  4. Truth's_Bond

    About the ending

    Well, they ARE both designed by the same person: Tetsuya Nomura-san. X]
  5. Truth's_Bond

    About the ending

    But without Disc 3 and 4, Squall wasn't really that in love with Rinoa. It was only after she got into a coma in Disc 3 that he realized he was falling for her. Plus, they needed Disc 3 and 4. There would be loopholes in the plot without them (ex: Ellone, Laguna, Seifer, the whole Sorceress...
  6. Truth's_Bond

    The Worst Character in the game

    Mansex!! Er... I mean Xemnas! > < Just hated how he'd always talk in slo-mo... Ugh...
  7. Truth's_Bond

    Jesse McCartney

    Well, since the Japanese VA for Roxas is the same VA for Ven, it'll probably be the same for the US with Jesse McCartney playing as Ven too. It makes more sense too, to show the similarities between Roxas and Ven aside the fact that they look alike, both wield keyblades, and their name meanings...
  8. Truth's_Bond

    Everything We Know About XIV/Xion So Far

    Nice thread, and thanks for the info! Can't wait until more info on XIV comes out X]
  9. Truth's_Bond

    Secret Scene???

    You can't always trust everything Wikipedia says. Anybody can put up any information there. T _ T
  10. Truth's_Bond

    High Quality Re:COM screens

    Cool Really, really cool!! I so can't wait for KH RE:COM!!! XDDD
  11. Truth's_Bond

    Which Boss Are you Most Looking Forward To?

    I'm looking forward to: Axel (First Battle) Riku Replica (All Battles) Marluxia (Second To Last Battle) oh, and Larxene, Zexion, and um that's about it... =3
  12. Truth's_Bond

    Are Sora and Kairi offically a couple?

    Well, I think once Sora and Kairi, even though it is true they lie each other (you can tell), confess to each other or kiss or something, they can be a couple. I mean, its obvious they like each other and all, but how can they be a couple if they won't even kiss or say something like "i love...
  13. Truth's_Bond

    What if Namine was a boss?

    Hahahahaha Umm... well, if she was a boss/secret boss whatever, I think she would draw something like iI don't know a large, high level beating Nobody or her own keyblade and fight Sora and Co. That would be pretty cool. Although... I don't why in the world she would want to fight the person...
  14. Truth's_Bond

    Which character do you hate in CoM?

    That is so true! Everybody thinks oh Marluxia is that one guy with the long hair or who has the flowery weapon sythe or something! I mean, he and Larxene tried to betray the Organization! He killed off people (told Axel to kill Vexen) and didn't care if he hurt Namine! xppppp
  15. Truth's_Bond

    Vs. Mode?

    It made the game slightly more fun... XD
  16. Truth's_Bond


    Well, this is a remake of KH:COM, so I really, really hope so! =D
  17. Truth's_Bond

    Play as Riku?

    I hope so. I loved playing Riku's story AKA Reverse/Rebirth cuz it was cool playing as Riku and seeing where his story went and fighting as him w/ all his cool moves. Plus, he jumps higher than Sora! XD
  18. Truth's_Bond

    Favorite Drive Form

    Anti I dunno why... Sometimes, I just get Anti a lot and it's funny.
  19. Truth's_Bond


    um... does it really matter how you fight as long as you beat the guy? O . o
  20. Truth's_Bond

    Which character do you hate in CoM?

    Marluxia and Larxene got on my nerves for some reason. xp