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    No Joke: New Trailer Unveiled. (With mystery VA)

    Is that line actually from the gathering cutscene shown at the end of the trailer? I can't find a subbed version of it so I don't know, but if it is what MX says in that cutscene, then we may have confirmation on whether there will be lipsyncing or not
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    Official BBS Release Date

    considering we all probably knew this anyway, its probably not big news, but IGN released a memo stating the official announcement of BBS' release date. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Coming This Summer - PlayStation Portable News at IGN nothing specific, but a confirmed summer release
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    BBS scans

    I'm not sure if these are new or not, I thought i recognized some of them but some of them looked new. RPGamer > Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep > Screenshots
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    There are new heartless within the recolerings. They're stronger and have new attack patterns. Also there are jigsaw puzzles in various worlds. Plus new items, abilities, synthesis items, etc. Other than that, ~Sirnight~ got it all. I think.
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    Audo does crack too...

    Very interesting theory, not neccesarily correct, but the closest to being correct so far. They could be said to be vaguely similar as they both have blue eyes and blond hair.
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    What takes so long?

    Re: What takes song long? i'm sorry, but I dont really know much beyond that. It has something to do with the large amount of variable data, but like I said, I dont really know too much. And I know, I cant wait for HG and SS, the second generation is my favorite generation.
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    What takes so long?

    Re: What takes song long? basically everyone has said it, there's a lot of work in localization Pokemon takes forever because the unstable programming that is pokemon requires the game to be actually re-made in english instead of the normal translating and localizing
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    Kingdom Hearts with Japanese Dubbing

    the only game with japanese dubbing is a japanese version of the original KH or KH2, or the Re:Com that came with KH2:FM+. you can watch the cutscenes in japanese in theatre mode in kh2:fm+, but that's it.
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    Email reply from LUXORDS Voice Actor

    this is AWESOME! Luxord is my favorite character. Oh, and Xango99, if you want to further prove it, you can copy the entire email in the web browser by holding ctrl and pressing the SysRq/Prt Scr button. Then open paint or something like it and paste into a blank project, and it will paste a...
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    Visual Boy Advance Help

    is the VBA a suitable emulator for GB and GBA patches and hacks? I have attempted to use it for this purpose, but have found no success. If someone could clarify how to do it if possible, or a more suitable emulator if it is not possible, I would be much obliged.
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    Musical Nobodies

    singer: roxas/zexion, depends on the style lead: demyx, does it even need to be said? bass: saix/marluxia, they've got the hair for it drums: xaldin, perfect hair back-up vocals: larxene & xion, what else could they do? lights & effects: Xigbar, he shoots laser arrow things manager: Xemnas, hes...
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    More Customization

    everything? oh, i didnt know that. oh well. im surprised at how powerful the ds is turning out to be (graphic-wise and such)
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    More Customization

    i hadnt thought of that!:o but still, it looks like the weopon changes are made with the grid-thing, and it would be a little unnescessary for allies to have that. and donald and goofy's weopons never affected the story.
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    More Customization

    no they wont have gear, the new keyblade weve seen is called wind maker. the item fused to make it is the wind gear. but the name "crossing of two" isnt (insert element here) blade, but it might look the same with a different name. it looks like axel's chakram is returning to him in the top...
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    Quinton Flynn Confirmed for 358/2 Days

    a simultaneous release looks likely. the NA website is up, quinton flynn confirmed work on it, IN OCTOBER!!!!! and the japan release was pushed to a hazy Q2, about the time it would take 358/2 days to be translated if the japanese game is finished in february. got it memorized?
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    what do you think of re chain of memories?

    i couldnt stand sora's story. the cutscenes were ametuer. reverse rebirth was great though, but still a little annoying with the cutscenes. every voice in the game sounded off either voice or script or acting wise.
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    Invader Zim

    I dont know how many of you know what invader zim is but i need help finding the complete HOUSE box set for $100 or less. if somone could give me some good tips it would be much appreciated. thanks. oh and at least SOMEONE reply please.
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    FM+ help

    the scenes are silent in-game but have voices in theater mode. and to all those sob stories about swap magic, im sorry, but you no longer need to open up your ps2, so dont worry about that. what tazmanianchocobo said was all true except for the criticalmode being only slightly tougher. its...
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    Fix Xigbar for Days??

    i knew he fused the guns and got a crosshair instead, but i never realized it looked THAT cool. now i want kh2fm SO much more.:sad::cry: edit: first on the 4th page. YAY!
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    Organization XIII coat

    MY EYES!!!!!! That coat thats been mentioned looks better, but stil kinda unrealistic