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    Xehanort/ MX

    I realize i'm being retarded here, but has the relation between MX and Xehanort actually been clarified. They're not the same person are they?:53:
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    Xigbars unnecessary censoring

    what did they sensor about... Axel's death. ? EDIT: sorry, a bit late
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    New Game+

    Can somebody please explain the whole new game + thing to me. do you just beat the game and make a new game in the same save slot? how much carries over? can you so it on any difficulty? DO NOT FLAME!!! EDIT: also, is there a secret ending?
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    Another Interview from rpglands

    When he said there is a character that only appears in the secret movie, does he mean thats the only time he/she appears in bbs or the series in general?
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    i really like this idea! The ending is totally going to lead into the rest of the series, what with Terra falling into darkness, Ven having lost his heart, and Aqua stuck in the dark meridian. IT explains why they are absent in kh1/kh2/CoM/days/coded.
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    BBS Site Update + Jump Festa 2010 Trailer

    Ven without a heart? I think there are two people there: one beside ven facing the water and one (MX) to the left facing Ven. Vanitas laugh = me shitting myself station of awakening/serenity thing shattering and terra/aqua along with the keyblades from the gathering place falling into darkness...
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    Episode 7 Summary! [SPOILERS]

    coded just pulled the bottom tile from the jenga game. A series that was perfectly clear, now makes no sense. Why did Nomura have to go and make a game that only a fraction of the population will ever get to play? if this is supposed to tie bbs, days, coded, and kh3 together, its doing a shitty...
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    Full Famitsu Scans

    thanks. i see it now. 25252525
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    Full Famitsu Scans

    what exactly is that weird diamond shaped piece of a face next to ven in the bottom right corner of that one scan?
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    Yellow Eyes

    In the book series "The Wheel of Time" one of the characters eyes gradually become golden as the darkness inside him grows and he becomes a wolf. Perhaps yellow eyes are a symbol of the dark power in someones heart awakening. This would effect Braig because he is somewhat evil as we know he...
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    Small Theory on the Extinction of the Unverse

    Its possible the unversed always existed but someone took control of them and made them a bigger threat
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    Small Theory on the Extinction of the Unverse

    i like that theory a lot. Perhaps it relates to the giant blue KH in the trailer
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    Will we see it?

    I would love it if the final battle took place in RG and it gradually gets destroyed a little bit like the dark city battle against xemnas in kh2
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    Sorry for being a total newb (i only own CoM and Days) but could somebody post a comprehensive synopsis of kairi's backstory?
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    BBS is not the first kh

    If i remember correctly, one of the recent trailers had a scene with MX. He said "these are what all that is left from the KEYBLADE WARS" or something like that. So does this mean we will get a game that comes before BBS and lets us play through the keyblade war?
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    Studio Ghibli

    Hi all, The other day i was watching Howl's Moving Castle when i realized it was produced by Disney. I went online and found out that the company that made it (studio ghibli) is partnered with disney for the rights to the north american version of the film. Does anybody think theres any...
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    Keyblade transformation & the star object

    The keyblade does transform. Nomura took something that was non-cannon and made it cannon
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    ummmmm.... what are they guarding in the castle at RG? EDIT: sorry just realized the last few posts. I think it ansems lab. they are his assistants
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    Keyblade Wielders

    So apparently the keyblade chose sora because of the strength of his heart. But if TAV have a master, does that mean he chose them? Has anyone considered the fact that maybe the master chose the apprentice until that cataclysmic battle between TAV and MX/DS at which point there would be no...
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    Memory loss

    For every kh game so far the main character has either no experience in battle or does not remember their abilities due to: Kingdom Hearts = No experiece. Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories = memories lost to oblivion Kingdom Hearts 2 = Namine...