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  1. SummerWindsong

    KH3D footage shown at October 21 event

    I love how Dearly Beloved sounds like its coming form a music box. It sounds so... precious lol
  2. SummerWindsong

    what kairi ment?

    Hm i never really gave it much thought it just seemed really random, like when she said "lets leave, just the two of us, LOLJK. :)"
  3. SummerWindsong

    Where will you be when they start anouncing worlds?

    Ive made up my mind to absolutely not spoil DDD for myself. So when they start revealing worlds, im going to avoid this site like the plague. So what about you guys, will you soak up all the info you can get, or will try to stay a DDD virgin until it is in your hands?
  4. SummerWindsong

    Kingdom Hearts Concept Sketches + Discussion

    Awww Riku ruffling Soras hair is so cute :3 I like the way Kairi comes off in the scetches, like she actually has a personality. I thought she was pretty bland in all the games.
  5. SummerWindsong

    Thoughts on Card System in Re:COM

    I really liked the card system, it was different, and challenging. It was even more difficult with Riku, you had to play the cards they set out for you.
  6. SummerWindsong

    TGS Trailer officially released! (JP and Eng. Subbed trailers in first post)

    I thought my computer was lagging when Yen Sid was talking and the screen was black XD This looks awesome, i want to see more Riku gameplay~