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  1. SoraForeverKH

    The Monstropolis World storyline from what we know so far...

    The Monstropolis World storyline from what we know so far... So, I've been watching and rewatching the few scenes from Monsters Inc World which was shown in the D23 2018 trailers, tryin piece together the evidence that could be found to figure out the plot ideas for that world. A few things I...
  2. SoraForeverKH

    News ► Relive the adventures with your friends in this Kingdom Hearts 1.5+2.5 trailer!

    Wow! This was such a good trailer! So cute, too! Really shows off our beloved characters and the story of the series. Loved it!
  3. SoraForeverKH

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS II Vol.4 Manga Cover Revealed!

    This is great! I love kingdom hearts II! Surprising though that they were able to fit the long series such as the title in just 4 volumes. KH II was a lot bigger than KH. I love the cover! I want these!
  4. SoraForeverKH

    News ► Your Friends Are Your Power in the Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX Trailer

    Alright! Now that was a totally awesome trailer! The music, the lines the scenes, all except for the few too many fish faces, it was spectacular! My favorite part was the ending... I really liked how it disclosed with Xehanort's evil grin before showing all the game's logos and short clip and...
  5. SoraForeverKH

    Sora and Riku in TWTNW explanations

    Wow! Aheheh... So a dream of a dream in a dream of a dream...? Agh! Nomura, what kind of thoughts go through your head man?! So confusing! DDD definitely perplexes my mind to no end! But, yes, but thank you, Hirokey123, that information you provided was so helpful and very well put. ^^ As Sora...
  6. SoraForeverKH

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Memorial Music Box Website & Campaign

    Aww... The music didn't have any sound when I visited the site... But it looked so cool!
  7. SoraForeverKH

    News ► SPOILERS: Dengeki PlayStation features Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 + Interview with Yoko Shimomura

    I also am really eager to read what the brilliant series composer Yoko Shimomura had to talk about the music in KH 2.8.please translate!
  8. SoraForeverKH

    Kingdom Hearts 2.8 0.2 BBS Secret message in the song!

    Wow! That is both scary and awesome! I did not know this about KH. And I thought there was nothing more for me to find in the old series, hah! Never with KH. Really neat!
  9. SoraForeverKH

    News ► Expanded Dengeki Interview with Tetsuya Nomura on KINGDOM HEARTS 2.8

    Wow! I can't believe it! I didn't know Riku and Mickey had new outfits in 2.8!now I'm really exciting now! Can't wait! I liked this but man, I've gotta be careful around spoilers. I'll have to type to stay away from YouTube completely for a couple weeks next month. That won't be easy banding...
  10. SoraForeverKH

    Kingdom Hearts 2.8 is featured in Dengeki PlayStation #629!

    Wow... Nomura never ceases to fascinate me. Just hearing him talk of the development, designing character models, world maps, game play effects, Dialogue scenario for scenes and the main story along with being careful how he chooses to display each character's story and personality... It all...
  11. SoraForeverKH

    Summary of Nomura Interview on KINGDOM HEARTS 3 & HD 2.8 FCP w/ Dengeki

    He talked about KH III, finally! That's the best news I've heard in a while. So, KH III story has already begun... Interesting. Please show KH III footage next month! I can't wait any longer!!!
  12. SoraForeverKH

    News ► New KINGDOM HEARTS 0.2 Scan in Jump!

    Awesome! Aqua is looking pretty great now! I want to see Sora now though!
  13. SoraForeverKH

    News ► Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue Rated by ESRB

    Well, sounds like they stayed true to everything in the game. I do wish they hadn't put Sam Flynn in the game and given him the inappropriate line he uses in the actual film which gave the movie a PG-13 rating. WRONG! Should never have been in a KH game! They should have removed it in the HD...
  14. SoraForeverKH

    Watch the KINGDOM HEARTS 0.2 Opening!

    Wow! That was truly great! The whole time I was in awe at the artwork in the characters and I was holding my fingers crossed tightly for the Sora from the present to show, even just a little... And then the ending came... Yes! It's Sora, reaching into the vast water for Aqua's hand. Now that's...
  15. SoraForeverKH

    News ► Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5+2.5 Coming to Playstation 4!

    I had a feeling we'd be hearing about this soon. I think I'll stick with my PS3 copies though, for now. Hopefully they're not priced too high.
  16. SoraForeverKH

    Dengeki Interviews Tetsuya Nomura on KINGDOM HEARTS 2.8, KH3

    The part where Nomura hints that Sora is going to make an appearance in 0.2 has me on the moon! Now I HAVE to get this game! Wow! Sora hasn't really been featured story wise in the series since KH 3D back in 2012! I miss him... So any new info about him, or image, it gets me so excited! Too bad...
  17. SoraForeverKH

    Hidden Memories cutscene: Why was it so important for only a data version of Sora to learn the truth

    "My impression was that Mickey explained the whole thing in his letter, but we only got to hear the introduction of that letter at the end of coded. In blank points, Spoiler: BBS secret movie spoilers" No, I don't know... I think what we got out of his letter was all that he'd written by the...
  18. SoraForeverKH

    Hidden Memories cutscene: Why was it so important for only a data version of Sora to learn the truth

    Naminé went through all the trouble of making it so the hidden memories inside Sora's heart would get discovered, but why would she choose to make it all out of data in Jiminy's Journal? I am currently trying to figure this out. I understand that she did it as a safety warning for Sora and...
  19. SoraForeverKH

    Sora's voice in the KH III E3 2015 trailer

    First, I was stunned to already be hearing English recorded battle quotes when I played the trailer, but what I am trying to figure out is if they are freshly recorded ones. Are they just edited quotes from some of the previous games, or are they new for the new game, and the recording studio...