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  1. Superschlock

    Music ► Wub Machine

    I found this website [http://the.wubmachine.com/] that lets you upload songs and remix them into three catagories, being Dubstep, Electro House, and Drum and Bass, and then lets you download it and/or post to SoundCloud. So I uploaded a song (Ghost Bitch by Sonic Youth) out of curiosty. Has a...
  2. Superschlock

    Music ► Sonic Youth

    A rock band that started in the early 80's. Started off with no-wave noise rock, and evolved into experimental alternative, these guys are great in my opinion. A very aquired taste (none of my friends like them) but I'm truly inspired by their work, especially this: 17enjtgYcvw Bad Moon...
  3. Superschlock

    Help with setting up dat Xbox Live.

    So, my internet isn't wireless. And for my birthday this past Sunday, I got an ethernet cable. So I hooked it up to my Xbox, plugged the other jack into our internet modem, and tried to connect. Now, at first I couldn't get the Xbox to connect to the network, but after entering information like...
  4. Superschlock

    Chinese Toddler Run Over By Two Vehicles

    And ignored. Just heard about this on KnowYourMeme (sort of an interesting place to see it) and thought it was pretty fucking horrible. I don't think all of China is like this, but damn. Toddler Hit-and-Run Tragedy / Wang Yue | Know Your Meme Thoughts?
  5. Superschlock

    Eat the Prophet appreciation thread

    YouTube - ‪Eat The prophet - Hog Devourment‬‏
  6. Superschlock

    Famitsu Kingdom Hearts Survey

    Oh hey guys, been a while. Browsing the Famitsu website the other day, I found this article about some sort of surveys being taken on the Kingdom Hearts series. Don't know if it's going to be seen by SE/Nomura, but I think it's pretty cool to see they still care about it over there. Link...
  7. Superschlock

    Turtleneck & Chain

    This is the official title of The Lonely Island's new album, as seen at the end of their new single "We're Back!", and on the website. New song N24fVEJyQKM Website The Lonely Island: Chattin' with Joni: New TLI Album "Turtleneck & Chain" Details!!! UPDATE: Full list of tracks CD 1. We're...
  8. Superschlock

    5 gum React 2

    Saw this the other night, but didn't think much of it, since I couldn't find anything, and it was late so I wasn't sure if I REALLY saw it. But I just saw it again, and heck, it's real, or the commercial is, since I haven't seen the actual gum anywhere. Tell me I'm not crazy, and that someone...
  9. Superschlock


    Ok so, reading this story/thread http://forums.khinsider.com/creative-writing/160124-kingdom-hearts-other-mix-creepypasta-short-scary-story-two-chapters.html got me wondering if we actually had a thread dedicated to creepypasta, and I couldn't find one. In case you don't know what a creepypasta...
  10. Superschlock

    Organization Mushroom IV

    The one in The Land Of Dragons. I'm having an issue with this guy, because even though I get S rank, and shoot all 100 of him, he doesn't give me Goofy's ultimate mushroom shield (Limited Mushroom). Any help?
  11. Superschlock

    I tell you what

    Well, I was browsing google and found a large picture of Hank Hill's head, and figured "Why not redesign it?" So, after erasing most of his face, the idea came into my mind. And so, I present to you: its not serious to me or anything, but tell me how you like it
  12. Superschlock

    For all you guitar players!

    List and discuss what music you can and like to play
  13. Superschlock

    Your Top Ten Longest Songs

    This is for on your iPod or computer or whatever 1. Revolution 9 - The Beatles - 8:22 2. I Want You (She's So Heavy) - The Beatles - 7:47 3. Hey Jude - The Beatles - 7:10 4. The 13th Anthology - Yoko Shimomura - 6:38 5. It's All Too Much - The Beatles - 6:25 6. Thriller - Michael Jackson - 5:57...
  14. Superschlock

    In multiplayer

    With three or more people, are the designs/quality of the characters lowered alooooot? Because they certainly are in mission 56, day 193 :/ Just wondered if it was like that for all 3 or more missions, or just that day
  15. Superschlock

    Problems with The Beatles remasters

    Ok, so over the months I have been collecting all of the albums, and I got the last two today. I had problems in the past with my copy of The Beatles (White album) where the first disc skipped like crazy, so I had to get a second one. Then, a while later, I got Yellow Submarine, which also...
  16. Superschlock

    Limit Pass

    This is a support item available at the Moogle Shop for 100000 heart points, I think. It enables you to configure Limit Break settings in Mission Config, and is available after you clear every mission in Mission Mode. I just discovered it today, I was too lazy to ever try and do all the missions...
  17. Superschlock

    Nintendo DSi XL discussion stuff and crap yeah

    Source: Nintendo DSi XL coming to America in Q1 2010 -- Engadget Also, First True DSi LL vs. DSi vs. DS Lite Comparison Pic - Dsill - Kotaku Wow.
  18. Superschlock

    BBS TGS 2009 trailer

    Does anybody know the name of the music playing during it?
  19. Superschlock

    Level Up

    Has anybody figured out how to arrange all the level up panels into the one page and two lines? If so, can you post a picture, or describe the arrangement?
  20. Superschlock

    New Game+

    How do you get it?