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    Another World, Another Bounty : First Shot

    Welcome to the first saga of Another World, Another Bounty. I am DA and I along with several others will reveal to you our story. Each one of us control a particular specimen, each one unique and it is our job as the 'Story-tellers' to control and guide the specimens. First off, let me welcome...
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    ~!The Food-Lovers Fanclub!~

    For those of us who love eating, the taste, cooking and anything else relating to food(even food fights :D), welcome!! :D If you have any recipes to share, do so! :D Food Critics None so far Food Lovers kerobaroes roxas001 Macabre LadyofShadow Chefs Dead Ascension Bumblebee Join, people! :DDD
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    Another World, Another Bounty : First Shot(Always Joinable/Sign Ups/OOC)

    Welcome to Crossed Gates HQ where our job is to hunt and to kill. Our HQ is located inside a dimension. Not just any normal dimension. But one where wormholes leading up to different worlds. We don't just hunt and kill any normal people. We have a list. A list of different dimensions, worlds and...
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    Mass Crossover RP. Who's interested?

    Right now, as we speak, ResidentEvil and I are creating a collab RP which will be a Mass Crossover RP. But, instead of other mass crossover RPs where you take control of characters from other worlds but this time, you will be joining a Guild of Hunters who's job is to travel to different worlds...
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    Help/Support ► Torn

    Well hai thar, relationship thread. Do excuse me if it seems short and jumbled.(Using mobile...) Anyways, right now, Im in a relationship and I happen to like her very much. We've been together for at least a month. Now, why the fuck am I putting this up if I'm happy? Answer : An ex of mine...
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    Underground lies the truth!

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    TWEWY : Black Grafitti(Sign Ups/ Always Joinable)

    7 Days. Play…Survive…Or face Erasure. The Reaper’s Game. A test lasting seven days for the Players to gain a second chance at life. For who knows how long, there was a side of Shibuya unknown to the living. The UnderGround. Where the Players fight the Noise and the Reapers to survive. It...
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    KH : Dreams and Realities [Revived] (Sign Ups/OOC)

    Life in Destiny Island was quiet for a while. After defeating Xemnas, everything went well until they got Mickey's letter. They had no idea how it happened but they immediately went off another journey after reading the letter. Sora, Riku, Kairi. The Worlds are ending. The Heartless and the...
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    MP3s and Headphones

    As a music lover, my mp3 and headphones are busted beyond repair from overuse and maybe a bit of rough handling from yours truly and a couple of friends. Now, I want to ask the KHI community which brands of mp3 and headphones should I get. With my latest job, I have enough money to buy both...
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    Repeater...(Sign ups/ALways joinable)

    In a small rural village…lies an abnormal serial murder case. Each murder is different from the next and some will come in patterns while others will come randomly however, one very common factor in these murders is the fact that they moved to this village from the city. Some of these murders...
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    Anime/Manga ► Beelzebub

    Beelzebub A pretty interesting manga if I do say so myself. It's about a high school delinquent who is charged with the duty of taking care of the devil's son and doing so, the world's destruction hangs in the balance. I'm not so sure why but it just appeals to me. Give it a read. You might...
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    Uh....Hi Sam?

    Aaaand...Im back? After possibly around...what? A month or so? Im back! =D Though whether it's temporary or not, Im still deciding. So right now, this is just a 'test run' if you will. So maybe after a few weeks or so, I might be gone or not. So...Im glad to be back once more!
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    Goodbye for now, I guess.

    Exactly what it says. Im leaving KHI though whether its temporary or permanent, I'm not sure...but I'm leaning on permanent. For one, I havent been really active lately and what? I post like once every two days? I had fun being on here for the past few years with the few friends I've made in...
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    Devil's Call(Original/Sign Ups)

    Tokyo, 2024 The city bustled. Pedestrians bumped into each other as they rushed towards their destinations. Cars zoomed by, the only sign that they were vehicles were the roars of engines. Surrounding this busy city was a large barrier unseen and unnoticed by most. A barrier to keep them...
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    Demon/Occult Collab RP

    Hey, guys! CS here with a favor to you all. Now, I have an idea for a demon and occult RP but I just cant seem to put it up. Reason why? Cause I feel like I lack something to give it some 'oomph'. And so, I'm looking for a few people to do a collab RP. I'll be waiting.
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    kh : Dreams and Realities

    Life in Destiny Island was quiet for a while. After defeating Xemnas, everything went well until they got Mickey's letter. They had no idea how it happened but they immediately went off another journey after reading the letter. Sora, Riku, Kairi. The Worlds are ending. The Heartless and the...
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    Games you'd recommend?

    Yeah. I just got a DS and I have enough money to buy possibly 2 or 3 games or just get a flash card. Anyways, what would you guys recommend?
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    Page not found?

    I'm not sure whether this happens to the other members but when I attempt to post a reply(Not quick reply, mind you) and attempting to create a thread in the RP section, it will go to a page that says 'Page Not Found". Is there somethin wrong in that area?
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    Fanfiction ► Peace in the Fog (A P4 oneshot)

    Souji sighed to himself as he slowly packed his things into his duffel bag save for a pair of clothes for his departure tomorrow. When he first arrived in Inaba, he just wanted to get through the year so he could go back to the city. Now, he was going to miss this place. This place which held so...
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    Is it really?!

    Yes, after a (who knows how long) absence, I'm back, guiez! :D Now, I dunno if some of you still remembers me or noticed I was gone but...meh. What matters is that I'm back once more. <3