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  1. Dawn Rebirth

    Is KAIRI still relevant? ...

    To the equation of the Kye-Blade? I ask this, as I'm not entirely sure. There'd be no point to showing Kairi at the end if she wasn't going to be relevant to the plot in the future. But is she relevant to the equation of the Kye-Blade(Or whatever you wanna call it, I'd prefer Death-Blade...
  2. Dawn Rebirth

    Some theories before the release of KH3D

    Intro Hello KHI Forums, with KH3D only few days away, and possible leaked playthroughs or scenes from it being posted on the internet even sooner, I have finally come-up with my own theories towards MF. In the past I have done some very, very foolish theories having to do with KH. But, just...
  3. Dawn Rebirth

    Fanfiction ► A Mishap ~ A story after the occurrences of KH3

    This story will be vague at first, but as time goes the gaps will fill themselves ~ Dawn Rebirth Chapter 1 - Thoughts "Where ... Am I?" I hear myself think, everything around me is dark ... Wherever I look there is nothing else but darkness. "Who ... Am I?" "You are trapped within you...
  4. Dawn Rebirth

    Fanfiction ► The Key and The Flame: On the Run ~ Days, BBS, and perhaps Re:Coded Spoilers are included

    For all those who wondering, no you haven't lost your mind nor are you in the process of doing so ^0^ But all kidding aside, something happened and we decided to split the story, this is where everything that happens to Roxas and Axel is. Enjoy when we get to it ;D The Key and The Flame...
  5. Dawn Rebirth

    Fanfiction ► The Key and The Flame: Between the Years ~ D ~ Days, BBS, and perhaps Re:Coded Spoilers are included

    Hello and welcome to all you of you who have decided to browse through this AU Fan-Fic I am your writer DR. First off, as it is insinuated this story is about the flamboyant and saucy Axel-Lea, and his partner the wild card and walking mood swing Roxas-Sora. Second, this is a request by...
  6. Dawn Rebirth

    Fanfiction ► Serenity's Rebirth

    This is a duo-fan-fiction by me "Dawn Rebirth" and "Chaosmax" The story begins in Radiant Garden where two groups of gangs have been having a war, the town has been shooken and the war isn't showing any signs of an end. Designed by me, Blue Renagade: Rane Age: 15 Eye color: Blue Hair...
  7. Dawn Rebirth

    Fanfiction ► Dawn's Slumber ~~~~~~ Warning: BBS and perhaps Re:Coded spoilers will be included

    I thought that I hadn't put much out on Lein's past in The Future That Never Was, and I orignally planned to start it at the end of my fiction, but I got impatient and began to realize that my posting has been limited so I decided to start it now, and just for the record Roxas hasn't a clue as...
  8. Dawn Rebirth

    Fanfiction ► When we were whole

    I have less time to work on my other stories at the moment because I have to go on the computer at the library to update them, so I decided to type this story it has some character from my story, but basically focuses on the oragnizations back-story I hope you enjoy my take on their past and...
  9. Dawn Rebirth

    Vanitas Aftermath Theory

    Where to begin? Vanitas was defeated ten years from the point Roxas was born, if we put down Ven's heart being in Roxas as a fact, (which to my knowledge hasn't been confirmed as of yet) then Ven's heart being the reason why both Sora and Roxas can dual weild be incomplete, so how would that...
  10. Dawn Rebirth

    Fanfiction ► Hold onto Dawn

    This story takes around 16 years before "The Future That Never Was" (14 years after Roxas was taken out) Roxas decided to join the Oryoko - Victor - Every world is star, and on every star their is a being not one many, however like most of these beings the world itself has a heart and when taken...
  11. Dawn Rebirth

    The reason why the members of Organization might act the way they do

    Recently I took an interest on how the Organization seems to be built up of opposites, before I start I explain this is not including 13 and 14 only 1-12 will be talked about. Demyx and Larxene: They are probably the most apparent opposites in the organization, (perhaps) everone here should...
  12. Dawn Rebirth

    Master Eraqus, Master Xehanort, and Vanitas

    Note: this is my theory, demean me, argue with it if you want,ect it's your choice. Okay, what we know so far (or at least I know so far) is this. Master Eraqus: sensei/master of Aqua, Terra, and Ven/Ventus, friends/acquaintances with Master Xehanort, able to use, and summon a Keyblade,(maybe...
  13. Dawn Rebirth

    My only real problem

    The only, problem I have is I don't know how to put up spoiler tabs
  14. Dawn Rebirth

    Fanfiction ► The Future that never was ~~~ Finally after almost 2 Years done :D!!!

    Well, this is a long shot but, here It goes my series is about something that happened , or rather, something that didn't happen basically, do you remember what happened in KH well, all that happened except, Roxas never met DiZ, here's what happened right when Axel, and Roxas were about fight...
  15. Dawn Rebirth

    possible reasons to Roxas

    If Ven may have been hit, or stabbed by someone carrying oblivion then when Sora stabbed himself Ven's blood or something along the lines could have gone into the creating of Roxas which is why he would look like Ven. As you all should know if you've played and beaten Kingdom Hearts 2, or 358/2...
  16. Dawn Rebirth

    could Larxene, Axel, Saix, and Demyx have know eachother when they weren't nobodies

    Axel and Saix seem to have a frendship in days. Axel, and Larxene got along in COM. Deymx might be friends because he came into the orginization right after Saix, and Axel.
  17. Dawn Rebirth

    worst place for a member of orgnization XIII to fight in

    For Vexen it would easily be the pit where you fight Genie Jafar in KH, and KH COM Because, Vexen's shield probably couldn't keep it's form because, it's made from ice and the heat is most likely unbearable.