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    OMFG! Utada Not in BBS? Mystery Girl Spoilers!

    dude... you saved us!!!!!!! thnx!
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    OMFG! Utada Not in BBS? Mystery Girl Spoilers!

    dude, i warned you... ------ to Near: there are no archives from that date... hm... :(
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    OMFG! Utada Not in BBS? Mystery Girl Spoilers!

    ok. the Diva Magazine does not have anything about the so-called interview... if someone gets a source, please post it.
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    OMFG! Utada Not in BBS? Mystery Girl Spoilers!

    lets find the source of the interview itself... maybe we'll see if either the site is BS'ng us, or the spice girl is a big moth!
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    OMFG! Utada Not in BBS? Mystery Girl Spoilers!

    to monkeybutt: fixed it! sorry for the mistake... havent been online [forums] just main page... -------------- ok, yeah, it might have been rigged, so for now, my only hope is that either Nomura has her head b/c of all dat info, or the world have her head for lying. lol
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    OMFG! Utada Not in BBS? Mystery Girl Spoilers!

    [sorry, hope this helps! will try to tag b4 i post! my bad...] (I apologize if this has been posted b4. but if it was, then ppl wouldnt post theories about Aqua... hm...) this might be a joke... then again... OMG! i was looking for info on BBS til i bumped into khmaniacs. oh and the link is...
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    Deep Jungle Not in Chain of Memories?

    hm... dat was like a long time ago... to tell you the truth i dont have an actual link... i googled it and i found something that can back me up! subtitles Tarzan (Disney) (1999) (Special Edition Box Set) - The Net's top resource for subtitles info on all major DVD releases read the...
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    Deep Jungle Not in Chain of Memories?

    Square Enix, nor Disney have the Copyrights for Tarzan or any of its characters. the deal was terminated after kh1. For Jack Skellington (sp?) the C.R. are still valid and so is for Peter Pan. For some reason Disney doesnt have the CR for all of its characters... Tinker Bell is a disney...
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    Neverland might return at BBS...

    hm... but i dont think that would match since its 10 yrs b4 kh1... Peter Pan would be a lil kid then....
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    Kingdom Hearts

    like Tera 2.0 said, both kh are real! kh1 WAS the door to darkness (according to the reports/story) kh2 Was just a copilation of hearts yet hold some power over the universe and Org. 13 was using it to rule!... and to be complete...
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    Summon LVLing

    use Peter Pan's Limit.. no wait... SPAM HIS LIMIT... lol. because his limits consume more Drive than the rest. does either too little or too much damage. i forgot if its the T or X that does too much ... lol even if your drive is just about to run out, try to use the limit nonetheless. that...
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    Xemni did it! there is like close to darkness. TT is closer to light but likt TWTNW, it does not belong in the Darkness nor the light. so it was like a road and Xemnas got a hold of that lil part. but the ? is... how was TT created? who did or was it there? sorry for going off topic lol.
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    psp camera questions

    1- will the Chotto Cam work alongside Go!Edit program? 2- if you have any experience, how long does it take to get them delivered and the difference between a Jap. and the Erp. version. 3- is i worth it? and if so, which one is the One? Also, are there any plans for a PSP Cam for a U.S. Release...
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    Risk of being bricked?

    i bought Liberty City stories a couple minutes ago, and it had an updater of 2.60. but my FW is 3.50. if i try to downgrade, will it "brick" my PSP? I heard that that could do that... Thx!
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    PSX to PSP ?!

    i downloaded a game but i dont know how to play on the PSP. and yeah, am a n00b on that cuz i just bought my psp today. i hope this aint against the rules and thank you in advance for your help.
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    Can't Unlock Hades Paradox Cup

    you need to have your drive meter to 9 when you are in a drive form or summoning. when you do, that means that you finished the Drive Leveling Up. Still, you gotta be @ level 99 ALSO in order to unlock the HPC. when you are all leveled up, go to hades' chamber and be prepared to fight. when you...
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    Ubuntu Help

    my friend got it just this mornig so i wanted to check it out but then it said that its a new system n some thins are nor gonna be usable anymore so am kinda confused.:confused: if you have it or know some info about it, then let me know. All help will be appreciated! :thumbsup: Thanks in...
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    Something I realized from KHCoM(normal GBA one)

    because Ansem and Xemnas were 1, and Ansem "fuzed" with Riku, Zexion thought that Xemnas was there... but to not give away n e info (spoliers), they call him the superior... nothing linked to the keyblade... sorry! ---Khilango EDIT: i cant understand my own theory...dang! it means that...
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    Mickey's involvment in the new secret ending

    u ppl have some MAYOR issues on figuring out the plot! or the freaking words... for KH fans... u kinda disappoint me... really ama bounce from here! ---Khilango
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    Mickey's involvment in the new secret ending

    lol good comeback! play kh2 in sora's story: Sora said, that The King and Riku were locked in the realm of darkness when Sora and Co. were trying to close the Door, Goofy 1st spotted the Heatless, then Donald, Sora, and then the King smacked them hard with the IKK. :closedeyes: EDIT: (i forgot...