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    Honestly what worlds would you rather have FF worlds Or disney?!?!

    i likes more FF worlddss than disneys
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    What kind of music do you think sora hears?

    I think sora hears Rock like My chemcial romance or the used and some hip hopwhat about you??:cool:
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    Alcohol???i didnt see no alcohol in KH2!!

    keep talkingg!!
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    Ultima keyblade dude why you have to ruin my fun?

    why??!?!? why?!?!
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    wouldnt be cool if Hillary duff singed then next KH3 theme?

    i meann hillary duff is more famous tha Utada and she sing alot more better 4 me so im gonna ask nomura is he can ask hillary duff to sing the next KH song!!!!!
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    why do people tell me to shut up when i sing sanctuary???why!!!

    :( i was with my friends this afternoon and i was bored and started singin sanctuary and they where like shut the ..... upp :( whe've heard the song like a bizillion times .buttt whyyy ... I think i sing it beautifull
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    Alcohol???i didnt see no alcohol in KH2!!

    haha causee ummm i dont knoww im a dude but i think sora is a hot character I dont caree :p
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    Alcohol???i didnt see no alcohol in KH2!!

    In the back of the game it say alcohol! omg liers !!!! i wanted alcohol!!! why cant sora get drunk and go wild???!!!!!!!!!aghhh why?
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    OMG atlantica was so crappy!and dificult!

    ughh i didnt like those musical on atlanticaaa and and i alwasya had a bad score anyways haha well tell mee all who else didnt like atlantica??
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    Secret Kh2 commercial msg?

    Omg i think it has some sort of diabolical message
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    kh2 glich cheat... never ending drive!!

    OMg lets singgg the song of KH2 In youuuuuuuuuuuuuu and I theres a newwwww lannnnnndddddddd yeahhhhh eahhhhh angles in sigth (whatever the f*uck she says in rewind) whats left of meeeeeee whats left of meeeee sanctuaryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
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    Help From Micky?

    mickey helped me when i needed to wipe my ass
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    I have one Orichalcum+ in my ass take it if you want it