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    Mario strikers charged

    How do I play two players on this game? Can't seem to activate the second player to play a game with me at home.
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    Big 3 sales

    What is the site that has the sales of the Wii, PS3 and 360 up to this date? Thxs
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    Wolverine vs Superman vs Doomsday

    Who would win in this battle.
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    E3 2006

    I read on CNN:Money that they heard it was gonna be $399 but that is the rumor they are hearing. Sony has said that they would be willing to take a huge loss on the system if it still sells well. Also since the price of PS2 dropped and lets say they do infact bring PS3 out for $399 would be...
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    Ffxii Ost

    So when exactly does this come out?
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    Who plays kh2 for only disney character?

    I play for the Disney characters. I thought this was a great idea when the first one was made. I hope they do make a 3rd one just for the fact that it will be on a blu-ray disc. Much better graphics and hopefully a deeper story. It wouldnt hurt to make the guys a lil harder and more in each area.
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    If you haven't died at least once then you havent truley played kh2

    I dies when i went to the Beast Castle That stupid purple heartless (fat one) caught me off guard. I thought he would attack like he did before...boy was I wrong. LoL
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    GameInformer's KH2 Review

    JJ typed all of this up. Im almost positive he didnt want to type up everything. I wouldnt want to type all of it.
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    Man with all the hype on KH2 coming out at the end of the month I forgot that FFXII comes out March 16th. To bad not soon enough for us here in the US.
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    Who do you fight in the last round in the big cup? Sorry i couldnt find the thread that talked about it.
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    I was curious if anyone else thought they should have let Neverland back in the 2nd one. I mean they do have Nightmare before Christmas and Little Mermaid. In NbC they did kill Oogie so i am sort of shocked they have that in the 2nd one (but i never did see the show so i might be missing...