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    Possible New Nobodies For Fallen Org Members

    Im not sure if this was mentioned before but i was thinking about the presence of final fantasy in kh and was thinking about the nobodies that the org members controll. We still have some org members with out ones to controll and i noticed that all the nobodies like gambler, dragoon, samurai...
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    KH2 FM+

    yeha i ordered it from playasia, i got mine shipepd to ireland in like a week was fairly fast ...but i ve been waiting for swap magic for like 3 weeks now . problem with my order :sad:
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    yeah swap magic or AR max with dvd region X, u have to buy swap magic off the internet...as far as i know u cantr get it in shops , but AR max is sold in nearly every game shop here so..i d say thats the easier one
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    The cornerstone of light

    the corner of darkness......i liek it , woudl be cool to see it in the game
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    just somethign about importing khfm+

    i know alot of ppl have heard that khfm+ is nto comign to the us or here in europe, i personaly hope that it dose, but anywya thats not wat this is about this really has to do with importing it, of course it cant play on our ps2 s because its japanese and i hear alot of ppl saying u need to buy...
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    Sora's forms integrated into the storyline

    im kinda new here so havnt been able to read alot of the threads, but i just wanted to know if ppl otehr than me thougth sora should have gotten his forms in a story kinda way ... like ok valor was kinda the way i wnated it, but i mean like getting wisdom form after helping merlin with winnies...
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    Problems with load

    ok i had kh2 since it came out and around a month ago it srated to frezze when using any form it would just be sora covered in the glow and takel iek 10 seconds for him to turn ,i didnt think much of it , but then two weeks ago it took like 2 mins for it continue. anyway i got bored and started...