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    Wow! Got this game last week and it Blew my expectations!

    I got CoM just last week and it was soo much fun! I got super far, and then got stuck. So I played as Riku and i got super far, and then i got stuck, again. The Riku vrs. Riku battle was easy for me. I am Stuck on Hook with Sora and i'm on floor 9. And on Riku i'n stuck on hades in basement 5...
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    Which CoM orginazation member do you think is coolest

    I love Axel! He is so cool in CoM. Larxene is total evil-meanie-bum-person!
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    Clouds Sword

    It is either for decoration, or he doesn't want blood all over Zac's Buster Sword. Ok that last one I was jk.
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    Donald and Goofy at end

    There did not change when they went to Sora's world. If you guys noticed, during the game there will be cut-scenes. And at the beggining and end of the games they have the movie clips. They did not change, it is just the different graphics. I mean can't you tell everyone else looks different in...
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    Kairi's Kidnapper

    I also thought it was Axel @ first but why would Axel do that? Then I realized was Riku because he was trying to make sure Kairi was out of Danger. There is no way it could have been King Mickey because No.1: King Mickey is a shrimp/mouse small fry. No.2: King Mickey was following Sora. No.3...
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    Sora's heartless weak?

    It is probably because Sora didn't ave enough Darkness in his Heart to become one of those big enormous heartless. Since his hearts was so full of light, he was a weak heartless. Does that make sense?
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    Which boss was most Hard/annoying

    I think that Xaldin's and Demyx's was the hardest and that Luxord'smwas the most annoying. I mean he'd turn you into a card and dice and stuff and he really got on my nerves. I was really happy to see him die :)