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    Paradox Battles?

    I've only been able to play the first of the paradox battles. I've tried everything but still I'm only given that one paradox fight!! Someone PLEASE help...
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    final form

    It probably will, I got it during the fight with Saix. Use drive like 10-20 times and it should appear.
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    1000 heartless battle lol

    I slashed about 5 and reaction command...ed... the other ones.
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    1000 Heartless battle

    It's a really easy fight, I only got hit once.
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    How Far In the Game Are You?

    I'm on my second trip to Port Royal.
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    **SPOILER** Theory :Who are the Chasers?

    Maybe, but if they're just souls, then how can 1 of them be masculine, and the other two be feminine?
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    translations on KH2 secret ending

    There's japanese for you... I guess.
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    *SPOLIER* Book Manual!

    Awesome find :)
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    translations on KH2 secret ending

    @Inner That's possible too ^^ @crunkjuice Didn't know how to pause it??.... Um... I thought that the japanese were smart *sses...
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    Axel, Neo war, Keyblade**spoilers**

    Yeah this is old, but still a nice find.
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    translations on KH2 secret ending

    I'm guessing they're lieing about the whole 'hard to read' thing, maybe they don't want to translate it for some weird reason.
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    translations on KH2 secret ending

    Wow real helpful lolz, try getting better translations ;)
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    *spoiler*so was sora...

    Yup, he's been in there for a year, god knows why it takes that long to reconnect those freakin' memories of his, but it took that long.
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    Nope, DiZ IS Ansem, the Ansem in KH1 was Xehanort, and #1 in the org is Xemnas.
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    i just beat kh2! i have proof

    Nice :) Although I'm waiting for the American version... I don't want to spoil the gameplay experience...
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    Spoilers******all three key symbols unveiled

    I knew the crown necklace had some large significance the minute I first laid eyes on it, although I can't see a friggin thing from your screenie.
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    Deathspank's Gameplay Vids: Boss Battles - Axel, Shan-Yu + More

    Lol give Fred a break, he's been uploading his ass off for the past week XD Oh and nice vids, you've got a lot of time on your hands ;) BTW- I get back on the 4th, middle school isn't all bad.
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    All 5 of sora's forms

    keyweilder- Okay, ease up, I'm tired and need a bit of rest, and the Darkness form isn't a drive form and is unofficially called Anti-Form. Xigbar- np
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    All 5 of sora's forms

    Anti-Form isn't a drive form, but whatever, and there isn't a render of Anti-Form.
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    Someone explain

    All of this still leaves 1 itsy-bitsy question, when Roxas walks through the rock, is he really walking through the rock, or is it an invisible dark portal thing?