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    testing of the heart history

    thats was a good burn myinnerfriend thumbs up to ya
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    Vent About KH2 Here!

    my only beef with the japanese is that i cant speak it and thats about it because if i could do that i could get the jap KH2 and have a good ol time
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    Official release date

    EB Games are more or less generally truthful about game releases so i believe them
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    Official release date

    its true man i was at EBgames 15 minutes ago and they told me March 2,2006
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    Sora vs. King Mickey

    mickey has a keyblade and yoda skills but sora has a keybalde, valour,wisdom,master,final and anti form to rely on and not to mention even in standard mode he can kick some major ass so my money is with sora because well what i mentioned not dissing mickey im just saying sora would murder...
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    Haha I got it!

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    a month or two after the american release i suppose
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    Spoiler to end all spoilers

    whats wrong with my name anyway it was the only that i could think of that wasnt taken by u lot
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    I just got CoM!!!

    stay on the platforms and use the 0 value cards to break its attack and then go on the offensive with high number cards
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    Spoiler to end all spoilers

    hello im xxx i have found something interesting about kingdomhearts2 that could be a spoiler i wont tell you what it is here but i will (hint) tell you where you can find this bit of info go to wikidpedia and type in kingdomhearts and (major hint) go to organization members there it is if...
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    KH2 Ending Discussion Thread

    Re: KH2 Ending Discussion Thread ***Major Spoilers*** Did nomura give an interview about these knights because i need to know desperately whether these knights video means a KH3 in the future and screw those who say that Kingdom hearts should end at 2:mad: ive been wanting to say that to all...
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    whos coming back

    i will probaly only to see when the release date is to be verified 100%
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    Jump Festa/Gameplay may not make it online + Reason

    Im New but just wondering why would you want to see it anyway because if you saw it wouldnt that ruin it a little bit for you when KH2 is finally here and by that time you pretty much know everything that there is to know about it?