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    Birth by sleep

    Hey just wanted to know if someone here knows the Bbs download link to share it with mefacepalm I have been trying for a long time to find it but nothing!
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    Young Lea and Saix Somebody

    Wait u saw the trailer? Can u give me the link?
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    Saix's somebody...?

    Lea and Sia...Is it me or both sound too girlish??
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    Question about ordering from Play-Asia...

    If you have a hacked psp except Psp Go you may be able to download the game and play it...simple and clean:cool:
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    fuck it all hope is lost for a non-spoiled gaming experience!

    Re: Not all hope is lost for a non-spoiled gaming experience! Star Fragment?Could someone plz explain to me what is this?
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    Guys one question...Why all the discuss about Keychains???...I mean what is their significance??:23:
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    BBS Voice Actors

    AQUA-Angelina Jolie Terra-anyone else LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
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    vanitas theory

    Look for a video in youtube about Riku Replica and Vanitas...You will see they have the same voice...Does it mean something?
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    Do you guys think Hades

    Here's my theory. Hades thought that Terra was from FFVII but he was wrong,he didnt know he was from KH lol
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    its becoming absurd

    Mickey,Kairi,Donald and Goofy...No one have seen Roxas before so...BUT I wonder about Phill.He has seen Ven and Roxas so why didnt he mentioned something?? P.s geia s re kosta...ellinas kai egw
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    Full 7 pages from this week's Famitsu (translated)

    I will be so HAPPPY if Terra will be at one of our greek cities in BBS EDIT: one more thing...Did they revealed the last world which will take part in BBS?
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    How many times did it take you to beat Demyx?

    First time i played kingdom hearts 2 it took me 10+ tries!!!!!!!!!!!f*****g water clones:angry: :P...As for Xaldin,well better not talk about it xD:lol::dizzy:
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    Terra and the Lingering Sentiment

    what is the Lingering Sentiment??? :P
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    Three chairs in Land of departure

    Probably it is for the new Master who will have to win the Master Qualification Exams
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    Your Favorite ► Favourite Keyblade

    Whats your favourite Keyblade and why do you like it? I love Star Seeker cause its so beautiful and strong with combos.... P.s If there is a same thread, mods you can close this :P
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    Riku n Vanitas

    And how do you know that Riku has a Nobody
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    Master Xehanort manipulated?! Vens' Heart!!

    Well,there is one thing that i didnt think before...Ven's heart for Vanitas and im sure that is somehow connected to the Heartless ...sounds a good theory to me
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    New Scan: Olympus Coliseum + FF Character in BBS With Translations

    Re: New Scan: Olympus coliseum + FF character in BBS OMG!!!!Olimpus Coliseum is BACK!Its my favourite world and Zack he's gona be Great but i have a feeling that he's not zack at all
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    Um, there's something that really bugs.

    Maybe they are "evolving" into heartless or something like that I agree with Attemisc
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    Your Favorite ► Favourite Organixation Member

    Sorry if this has opened before but im a new member in this awesome KH site and its my first thread... 1 Xemnas 2 Xigbar 3 Xaldin 4 Vexen 5 Lexaeus 6 Zexion 7 Saix 8 Axel---> my favourire 9 Demyx---->my 2nd favourite 10 Xigbar 11 Marluxia 12 Larxene 13 Roxas