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  1. K

    What world are u most anticipated on playing in.

    Timeless River, Space Paranoids, and Hundred Acre Woods. I wanna see Timeless River because i always have loved old disney stuff. Space paranoids because it looks a cool new experience and H.A.W. because i want to see how it looks with all of its new changes.
  2. K

    Who would you like to see in KH2?

    Balck Cauldron all the way! and for neverland to return!(i hope)
  3. K

    chicken little

    How do u know he stinks? He might be good. Until u buy the game u cant say whether he sucks or not until u actually use him. U can say the idea of the game is gay but i think it is going to be cool.
  4. K

    Not Sure about this command menu.

    Ok in the trailer, the clip after Sora is in Valor form in Mulans world and before cloud and seperioth, There is a clip with sora in master form but then i looked at the command menu and i have never seen it before. I was thinking o thats when u r in the underworld but then i went to kh2.co.uk...
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    wich worlds are you most exited about

    Steamboat Willie (Timeless River) and Tron(Space Paranoids). After Seeing tron i thought it looks like a cool world and i luv steamboat willie.
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    The Card

    Ok in this picture http://www.kh2.co.uk/image.php?view=kh2/scans/130.jpg i am sure u have noticed a card Sora is holding with this name in it but what do u think it is? A membership to the town of Hallow Bastion? Your thoughts?
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    quick little question on Peter Pan

    Just going to neverland will be nice. Not a boat that is in Neverland.
  8. K

    quick little question on Peter Pan

    Well omething i dont get is that it says it is confirmed there but then again it is not the officail site.
  9. K

    About BHK's name . . .

    I think Aros seems pretty cool for his name.
  10. K

    New scans evryone!!!

    So then do u think then trons weapon is that disc he throws?
  11. K


    Aab Wakka i agree with u 100% on Black Cauldron! I think it would be such a great world. Or a Stitch world would be nice or even the return of Neverland (But we actually go to Neverland not a frigging boat and Clock Tower).
  12. K

    Winnie the Freakin' Pooh

    This just like how a good majority of people were saying that tron is going to be a stupid and by the scans it looks great. So you can hate it or love it. Just dont judge it until u get it. I was happy as hell when it was in kh cause i luv disney. Just wait until it comes out. If u didnt like it...
  13. K

    What do they mean when they say...

    keyblademaster42 u mean pics of disney castle as with the thorns riht cause i remember people talking bout that but i never saw a picture of here so i just wanna now if that is what u r asking.
  14. K

    Looking Foward

    I hae been a disney fan all my life and i cant wait to play at the place that started it all. I Can't Wait To Play At Timeless River.
  15. K

    New scans (Yellow drive Vivi, TT+more).

    Ok and one more thing......Why does Vivi's hat look so weird? To me it looks like his hat has a mini face to it but idk what do u think? o and one more thing. Sorry to get of topic but des anyone notice in Vzams sig pic of the new member, is that hair on his back?
  16. K

    New scans (Yellow drive Vivi, TT+more).

    Ok i never played FFVIII but i heard that Seifer is a bad guy so does that mean then Vivi is a bad guy two cause i know he isnt since i played FFIX and he was awesom. But is then Seifer a bad guy then?
  17. K

    Is that Neverland????

    Other sie is right take a pic from sora fighting in the land of dragons and put it with that and look at the command bar. That is Land Of Dragons.
  18. K

    New Levels Revealed By Toy Maker!

    Well if they are worlds(some i hope not) I think an atlantis world would be pretty fun. But i doubt that they all are going to be in it.
  19. K

    stitch theory....

    Well about the lilo and stitch world not being on the kh website yet. Well tron is not on there either but it is a comfirmed world. So until now we dont know why stitch is there and maybe he does have a world. I dont think they update the site everyday but if they do then they do.
  20. K

    100 acre wood scans

    Ok i am just wondering but ok the picture under the gang who are in Hundred Acre Woods, If thats for that world do u notice above Soras staus is one for a party member. And to me it kinda looks like donald a little but what if it is POOH! haha jp but i mean if that is for Winnie the Pooh then i...