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    Hey faggots, delete my account.

    This is Shadukai X. Delete my account and this account as well, because you mods can manage a forum for jack shit.
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    naruto movie

    hey did anyone watche the naruto movie? if so how was it ive only seen part of it subbed on youtube.
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    size matters?

    Does size matter to boys or girls most? what do u think please post.
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    how do you RP?

    I was just wondering if anybody can teach me how to roleplay i have no clue. if you can pm me. thanks bye.
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    senses fail

    Hey this band rocks! if you havn't heard of them download there song "calling all cars" it rocks.
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    guitar hero on wii

    Who here thinks guitar hero should go to the wii? personally i think it should because that would rock!!!
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    history delete?

    hey i have aol bit i don't know how to delete my website history please tell me how?
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    what your favorite game

    hey tell me what your favorite game is and explain why.
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    Naruto haters!!!

    hey im jus wondering why do you hate naruto? Please explaine your reasons.
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    asassains creed

    dude this game is supose to be great everything is interactive and its going to be awsome.
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    Help/Support ► Shad's 'Help me plz' Thread

    Hey SX i decided i will be one of your helpers on your section
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    k-fed wanna be wrestler

    K-fed is trying to be a wrestler. he is gonna get his a** kicked.
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    Why do muslims believe in muhammud he was crazy.
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    Help/Support ► Shad's 'Help me plz' Thread

    your just mad couse you got dumped for a girl which is cool but sucky for you.
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    Help/Support ► Shad's 'Help me plz' Thread

    hey Shad i need help what if my girlfriend dumped you for another girl but she and her girlfriend were bi would you go out with both of them or just one.
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    most hated???

    Who do you htink is the most hated member on khinsider?
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    vandread is an awsome show. it might not be in america yet but i watched it on encore it was awsome.
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    lionhearts advice section

    i started a advice section couse i can help out later
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    official HIM discussion

    HIM has some ok songs but the lirics and the group are satanic. So do you like them or not?
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    Lionheart91 fan club

    hey im starting a fan club for myself if anyone wants to join your awsome laters and pm me