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    Looking Foward

    all of them. Beacuse i really want to see port royal*big potc fan* timeless river*who wouldin't want to see where it all beagan* Hallow bastion huge fight will be cool! Twilight town all the ff guys are there! And all of those worlds I want to go and this post is to hard!! and i am not 21 its 11
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    ff characters

    I wish. If it had them kh2 would be perfect
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    Rikku,Yuna and . . . Stitch?

    I can't wait it did suck making tidus,wakka and selphie kids when I first played it was a rip-off but if they have yuna and rikku im fine. Can't wait to summon stich that'll be awsome! not 21 11
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    Kari forgot about Sora

    I don't think diz is good he made her do it if you went to kh2 uk.com it namine said thats defintly a promise he problbly meant he would give her sora even tough she dosin't like to do it
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    did you guys notice this??

    I din't get to see yuna or rikku beacuse it whent to dam fast
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    Kari forgot about Sora

    ehem just so you know i am not 21 im 11 that thing got it wrong..think about what I said before
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    Kari forgot about Sora

    what if diz orderd namine to erase kairi's thmemories of sora. For example in the third clip diz is holding namine he is problbly holding her aganst her wile so he makes her erase kairi's memories so she would ferget sora. Or mabie diz and namine had a deal if she would erase kairi's memories...
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    Who would like-no love to see a happy ending to KH2?

    i voted a happy ending to,but i want it to be a happy and sad ending like riku dies and namine is sad,sora and kiari finally find eachother then kiss and then it ends thats how it should be :D :(