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  1. Soldier

    About the credits for Chain of Memories... (Fun discussion)

    Corridors of Darkness. Riku can likely summon them at this point in time, and he even tries to summon one following the battle with armored Xemnas. It's how the organization gets around, with their coats protecting them from the ill effects that come with that method of travel, same with the...
  2. Soldier

    About keychains... (Fun discussion)

    I always loved the little detail that you get the Dream Shield and Rod from Merlin. As a powerful wizard he's probably privy to Sora's dreams and saw them there, allowing him to manifest them in the waking world. (Also, it fits with some of the choices that Sora makes in the dive to the heart...
  3. Soldier

    About keychains... (Fun discussion)

    Sometimes the extra magic bars come in handy during tough fights. That's why most people choose the staff when in the dive to the heart, the extra magic bar it provides gives you more opportunities to cast cure or aero.
  4. Soldier

    About keychains... (Fun discussion)

    I'd argue it's placement, along with other "odd" placements in the game is indicative of KH 1's tendency to encourage exploration. It's actually pretty clever when you think about it. The first keychain you're guaranteed to get is the Jungle King, which (canonically) is the first one Sora ever...
  5. Soldier

    The Ask-a-Mod Thread

    Alright, guess I'll bring it back then, still a lot of DCOMS to discuss.
  6. Soldier

    The Ask-a-Mod Thread

    So would posting something to a thread I made back in October of last year count as necroposting?
  7. Soldier

    Let's talk PS5, folks.

    Aw man, and we JUST got KH 3 and MoM on PS4, it took them forever to program everything up to UE4. Now we've gotta wait 13 more years for KH 4, again.....
  8. Soldier

    Kingdom Hearts & acknowledging LGBTQ+ content from Disney source material

    I always thought Ryan was really interested in Sharpay (I mean, I KNOW they are brother and sister, but you can't tell me that the way he acts throughout the films can't be seen as that kind of attraction, seriously watch the movies again and just forget that they are siblings, takes on a very...
  9. Soldier

    About the afterlife for Kingdom Hearts... (theory)

    As much as I hate this world with every fiber of my being, I wish Sora just died in Olympus, was sent to the underworld and left it at that. No extra journey to meet Edgy Riku 4.0. Just beat Hades for the, what is it? seventh time in the series and be done with it.
  10. Soldier

    General ► I'm better now

    Another soul whose existence has been affected by the WASP that is J.K Rowling, a veritable witch in every sense of the word. You have my sympathy, if that's any consolation.
  11. Soldier

    Zack and Sora should meet

    Very odd that they'd add in all of those extra details (hell, the literal PAWNS Hades was looking over even got KH 1 Cloud's details right) and have Hades forget about Zack entirely, which is something he'd NEVER do. Nomura really dropped the ball on that one, especially since it's his favorite...
  12. Soldier

    Zack and Sora should meet

    Yeah.... probably not going to happen, and I hate being the pessimist in this instance, but there's a lot going against it. Nomura definitely thinks that whatever the hell he's cooking up in quadratum is going to replace the FF part of the franchise bar the minor mainstays (potions, equipment...
  13. Soldier

    Kingdom Hearts Terra's Broken Will - 3D Print Build

    As impressive as this is (and believe me, it looks AMAZING, a part of me just wants to get a 3D printer just to make this and wear it) it's missing something. Are you able to make your eyes glow orange like Terra did in the trailer? would definitely be a 1:1 cosplay.
  14. Soldier

    Create the WORST KH world thread Pt. 2: DCOM's

    Been a while since someone's posted on here, I'll change that We need a replacement for Halloween Town in our theoretical exercise, and seeing as it's almost all hallows eve (at the time of posting this) why not put something festive? So for this exercise, Halloween Town will be replaced...
  15. Soldier

    Create the WORST KH world thread Pt. 2: DCOM's

    Wikipedia exists for a reason you know?
  16. Soldier

    Create the WORST KH world thread Pt. 2: DCOM's

    YES YES YES @Keyblade Knight 1st Class , THIS is what I'm talking about. You brought out all of the cheesiness that this movie was packed with and made it into one of the worst plots I've seen so far (I mean that in a good way of course). I was anticipating someone doing Cadet Kelly, and I'm...
  17. Soldier

    Angela Lansbury dies at 96.

    Aw man, not Angela Lansbury! she was a phenomenal actress, even when not portraying Mrs. Potts. I've got a bit of a weird interest in murder mysteries and her portrayal of Jessica Fletcher in Murder she wrote was always amusing, and sometimes hilarious.
  18. Soldier

    Create the WORST KH world thread Pt. 2: DCOM's

    Hello, A while back I made a thread where I asked people to come up with the worst possible worlds for a theoretical KH game using anything in Disney's extensive library of films. And I mean ANYTHING, I came up with a Mickey's twice upon a Christmas world, Old Yeller was brought up, and the...
  19. Soldier

    What is your WORST KH moment?

    But Maleficent still exists, and she and Pete have been shown repeatedly bringing back Disney villains (oogie boogie, Ursula, etc.) Why not do it again? (Also, if Kingdom Hearts (the door) was sealed at the end of KH 1 and it restored all of the worlds back to the way they were, couldn't it...
  20. Soldier

    What is your WORST KH moment?

    She had other things to do, like go through the events of Cinderella 2 and 3, a twist in time. Admittedly, both of those plots for the Castle of Dreams are markedly MUCH better than Arendelle, and whatever edgy stuff Yozora was doing in the interim.