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    "Assassin's Creed" X "Puella Magi Madoka Magica" crossover. Possible? (PMMM SPOILERS!)

    "Assassin's Creed" X "Puella Magi Madoka Magica" crossover. Possible? (PMMM SPOILERS!) Assassin's Creed. Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Is a serious crossover between these two franchises feasible? As much as I'd like to say yes, I think it's not possible. For one, there's the ancient past. In...
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    The item closest to you is X

    Found this in another forum. Don't know if there's already a similar thread here. The idea of this game is to basically say the item closest to you is -ridiculous action-, and then the next poster replies saying what the item is, and how they'd react. Example: Post 1 - The item closest to you...
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    Net Battle!

    I want to practice my battling skills, and I'm quite a novice, so… Anyway, here's my character. This time, I want it to be Megaman Battle Network style. Here is my Operator and Navi. Operator Name: Bowen Solanum Age: 15 Gender: Male Personality: Bowen's a cool guy, friendly, usually calm...
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    Valenth Adoptables

    I'm entitled to do anything I want in Forum Insanity, right? As long as it's not offensive? Feel free to post your own here as well.
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    A Training Simulation in a land of ponies…

    I want to practice my battling skills, and I'm quite a novice, so… Anyway, here's my character. I'm also using him in some of the other RPs I'm in. Name: Panfacag Garcia Gender: Male Age: 19 Appearance: He wears a blue cap depicting an orange circle with an open book that usually seems to...
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    Kingdom Hearts Worlds

    You know that in Kingdom Hearts, worlds have names, right? Well, I wish for this thread to be a place on where world names can be put. There are so many more that I know can be good crossovers, but I can't think of names for their worlds. I may update the list when I think of more or when I...
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    Slap 'em till they notice…

    Found this in the xkcd forums. The goal is to pick a person and see how many times we can post and inflict bodily harm on them with whatever means necessary before that person posts. When that person posts, it's their turn to pick a person and then we start over. Quote your favorite post from...
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    Vending Machine

    Put something in, get something out. It doesn't have to be a coin. Example: Me: *inserts rusty pistol* TPBM: *you get a BB gun* *inserts coin* TPBPBM: *you get a chocolate coin* And so on. Let's go. ------------------------------------- *inserts counterfeit 1000 Philippine Peso bill*
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    Finish the sentence…

    …and start another one. In this game, whihc I found at PermaInk!, the first person… ------------------------------------- …posts the first half of a sentence. And the second half… ------------------------------------- …is done by TPBY (the person below) in any way they wish. Example: I...
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    Last person to post wins! (except not really apparently)

    I believe the title is self-explanatory. It's exactly what it says on the ti; The last person to post wins! --- Horray! I'm currently winning!
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    Letter Game

    I found this in PermaInk!. In this game, you must use the last letter of the previous person's word and start your word with it. Member 1: Keyblade Member 2: Exterminator Member 3: Reality --- First word: Microphone
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    Guess This Song!

    I found this game from PermaInk, which is now closed, and I was thinking of putting the game here. Here are the rules. 1. Copy-paste (or type) lyrics of any song (English, Japanese, Filipino, Spanish, Italian, etc.). 2. The poster below must guess what song from the lyrics they are from. 3...
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    Throw something at the next person…

    I love this classic thread game. Basically, you just throw something random at the next person, and they eat it, get hit by it, or dodge it, etc. ANY item will do. Here's an example: Alice: *throws magic mic* Bob: *catches magic mic* *sings a song* *throws magic mic* Charlie: *dodges magic...
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    Boredom sinks in…I wanna start a game thread

    I'm bored. I wanna star a thread where people could play. Something like…the classic "Throw Something at the Next Person". Where could I post it, if I am allowed to? And why not if no?
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    Ideas for short Kingdom Hearts crossover segments...

    I know Annoyance told me to post in the Sidewalk, but I thought I'd try making a new thread. *sighs and takes a deep breath* What I was wishing to do is to come up with ideas for a Kingdom Hearts fanfic scenario. That can keep coming up again and again. The scenario is as follows: 1. Sora (or...
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    Kingdom Hearts Remake series and other fanfics

    Here is my set of fanfictions I have created in FanFiction.Net: Kingdom Hearts Remake 1 - As the title says, it's my 'remake' of Kingdom Hearts 1. Along with OCs, myself as one of them, there will be a touch of Neopets too. Basically speaking, it is my own personal re-living the adventure in...
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    How to request?

    How do I make a request for something? Like, say, ideas to crossover Kingdom Hearts with. Where do I post?
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    Custom Keyblades!

    What do you think about these keyblades? P.S. KHC XX - The Return refers to a Youtube video by pwilliard named "Kingdom Hearts Comedy XX - The Return".
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    Kingdom Hearts Remake

    Attention! I’ve been thinking of retelling the story Kingdom Hearts in my view. That’s right, I’ll be part of the story and so will many other characters I’ll add (that’s why It’s a remake). It will be a chapter per post, but in order to make this work I’ll need you guys to help me. I’ll need...