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  1. Hero-King

    So, how many quests are we into right now?

    Not gonna lie, after I lost my phone a year ago, I stopped playing Unchained X for having no way to recover my progress. Recently, I decided to go back to it, and noticed quite a bit has changed since then, but those aside, even in my old progress I'm pretty certain I the furthest I ever got to...
  2. Hero-King

    Skip Passes?

    How exactly do you use them? I've over 20 of them, yet the option to skip a quest has never been available to me
  3. Hero-King

    Anyone else confused by "A Fragmentary Message"? *Spoilers*

    The end of the Secret Episode, after that heartless boss battle, we suddenly find Aqua in what appears to be a dark variant of Castle of Dreams, followed by clips of of various scenes in previous games, and ending with Xehanort (and then into his other selves) at Destiny Islands, before getting...
  4. Hero-King

    Did Anyon Else Find The HD Remake A Little Easier?

    I have played and still have both the original and its HD remake. It may be just me, but going through each world seemed to be less challenging than from how I remembered KHI to be. Like, I used to have trouble with some of the bosses, such as Dragon Maleficent, Riku/Ansem, Chernabog, along...
  5. Hero-King

    HK makes sigs

    Inspired by a certain other person on another forum, recently, I've been fiddling around with Gimp and made a few things. I've been told I'm good at it by the people I've made them for, but opinions would be nice
  6. Hero-King

    Hopes/Expectations for KH 3

    Simply put, what are you hoping, or expecting that will happen in KH 3? What I'm hoping for, is for Vanitas to make a comeback, cause why not? Everyone has light and darkness, only seven have pure light (excluding Ven), yet he's the ONLY person who is PURE darkness in all aspects. You can't...
  7. Hero-King

    A Long Time Lurker Finally Reveals Himself

    I've known about this site for years, and have made countless visits, yet only today have I decided to actually join. I'm no noob to KH either, for I've played every prior game in the series (save for Re: Coded) and currently doing the 1.5 Remix. As a series, I love every bit of it, though my...