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  1. Radar

    Protagonist Roxas

    In the scene in DDD when Roxas says, "This could have been the other way around.." (english version) what exactly is he implying? I know Roxas was the 2nd choice as the 13th vessel, but he makes it sound like he could have been the Hero, and have absorbed Sora instead of vice-versa. He says...
  2. Radar

    Xehanort's 13

    I know the x-blade broke into 7 lights, and 13 darknesses. What I wonder is, how is Xehanort -making- these 13 darknessess. The princess are the lights, so I thought the darknesses would be allready chosen and already assigned.. But MX says he is splitting his heart into 13 vessels. But don't...
  3. Radar

    Fall of Sora (SPOLIERS) perhaps?

    So now that we seen the box art of DDD, we have a good idea what happens to Sora. He falls. This is why i believe at the start of kh3 we play as Riku. But back to Sora, how does he fall to darkness. This is where we can post our ideas. Personally, I believe Sora will literally become...
  4. Radar

    Realm of Sleep contains..

    Nobodies? Heartless? I mean we saw XH and Xemnas in there apparently, so does that mean that nobodies can be sent to the RoS after they are destroyed? Or do they just vanish completely? I dont think that question has been answered. Not that I think it has any main signifigance, but Nomura is...
  5. Radar

    Terranort/Apprentice Xehanort

    Here I will type stuff about these two people. As far as I am concerned, there is something that happened after terra was possessed and when xehanort opened hollow bastion's door. My main point is the eye color. We all know Terranort has yellow eyes, but when apprentice xehanort is shown, the...
  6. Radar

    Final Keyhole

    In KH, so much emphasis was put on the final keyhole. I dont understand what was so important to it. I read the kh wiki article, but still dont get it. All that I remember being inside was that behemoth. Then Sora sealed it. So, the 7 PoH are needed to open this..I dont understand whats the...
  7. Radar

    Help/Support ► F-cking Injustice

    I swear I did not want to make a thread like this, but I cant get any of my friends involved. I am getting more sick each day by the smallest little bits of disrespect people show. I hate the people who block the lanes at my gas station, making it nearly impossible for other cars to get...
  8. Radar

    Sora's Sleep

    So Sora has allready been 'born by sleep' or at least not completely. while terra ven aqua, and roxas xion axel and co. need to be saved. Let us discuss what happened during Sora's sleep. Roxas and Xion formed a connection Riku was more in control of XH inside of him.. Mickey was going...
  9. Radar

    Tripping after Dreaming

    So I am on the medication Paxil. After a while and then not taking one for the day, (I take mine at night) really bizarre stuff happens to you in your sleep. For one is waking up and hallucinating, it is like I am tripping. Almost as if I was in an alternate world. Things went so fast, then so...
  10. Radar

    Kingdom Hearts: X

    A couple questions that have been on my mind. kingdom hearts. so, the japanese pronounciation is kingadamu hatsu. I know for sure the japanese word for heart(s) is not hatsu, it is kokoro, right? so I am guessing the same for the word "kingdom." So do people in Japan say "kingdamu hatsu" or...
  11. Radar

    Empathy with Charecters

    So, this is something that has been with me for awhile. I have always been able to empathize with the characters from KH. That basically means that you can feel that one characters emotions and feel what they are feeling. There are many characters I can empathize with, but my main one would...
  12. Radar

    That One Memory *spoliers*

    So i wanted to learn more about the certain memory Namine found in Sora when she was putting his memories back together. (The reason for the bugs in Coded) I originally thought was Ventus related, but now I am wondering if it is possibly a memory of Xion. Or perhaps Roxas. We know that it is a...
  13. Radar

    Even knew of Ven's pure heart

    Remember that scene when you are playing as Ven in Radiant Garden, and after Ven/Dilan/Elaeus go after that giant nobody, Even comments about of Ventus' heart has been "completely stripped of darkness" Well at least he was referring to darkness. But how did he know that? Did Braig tell him...
  14. Radar

    Roxas/Axel scene

    Does anybody recall the scene of Axel and Roxas atop the twilight tower, and the conversation goes as follows. Roxas "Axel.." Axel "So you're awake, or no. You may just be falling back asleep." Axel "Soon, we wont be able to talk like this anymore, conscious to conscious. " Im pretty sure...
  15. Radar

    Terranort in RoD

    Hey guys/girls I thought of something and wanted to ask you At the very end BBS, what do you think would have happened if Aqua had simply let Terranort fall into the Darkness. Then he may not only be passed out but trapped in the Realm of Darkness.. So would this mean no villian for the KH...
  16. Radar


    Have any of you head of these? Know what they are? They are these false beliefs in your head that you think are true. But they're really not, maybe. Has anyone had any experiences with these. I'll post mine if others share.
  17. Radar

    KH themes

    Hey guys Radar here, I am looking for some KH torrents of theme songs, but every link I try doesnt work. Do any of you know any good torrent sites where I could find the themes? Thanks much thank you.
  18. Radar

    Wassup guys.

    Hey everyone my names Radar. I post over at khultimania forums too but i saw this place was a little more busy so I made an account. I've been playing kh since probably a year after the original came out. I thought days was great, I am so excited for the us release of bbs. I love the charecters...