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  1. Lady-Lee

    Not new, but I have returned home once again.

    After quite a long hiatus from the forums due to work and life, I am back to the first forum I have ever called home. I have been keeping up with the the development of KH3, but no other place is a good enough news source compared to the greatness that is KHI!
  2. Lady-Lee

    KH 3D mentioned in XPlay's Countdown of the Best of E3

    It's mentioned in the best of handheld section. X-Play's Best of E3 2012 Winners Announced! - G4tv.com
  3. Lady-Lee

    Guess Who's Back?!

    Not that anyone noticed that I left. But anyways Hi Everyone!! After working 40hr weeks and frying my brain with school, I have made my return back to my favorite place on the net.
  4. Lady-Lee

    Hey have you guys seen this?

    Nintendo 3DS Rumors Swirl As Word Of A Pre-Tokyo Game Show Event Emerges - G4tv.com Nintendo doesnt usually show up at TGS if im not mistaken, but this rumor of a "huge title" gives me some semblance of hope that KH3D will be their massive reveal. (Hey i can dream)
  5. Lady-Lee

    South Park Season 15

    So I'm sitting in my living room, bored out of my mind, and suddenly I remember. "holy crap i missed south park the other night." So I then rush to my laptop and head to south park studios.com. And suddenly my world is turned upside down, the episode was unlike any other south park before it...
  6. Lady-Lee

    With the "rapture" coming tomorrow...here are some Zombie Apocalyspe Directions for ya

    Ready for a zombie apocalypse? CDC has advice - CNN.com Worried about the "rapture" tomorrow? Of course not!! Worried about the Zombie Apocalypse? I thought so, here are some directions from the CDC to get through those brain filled times!.
  7. Lady-Lee

    Okay so i might have found the possible release date

    Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep for PlayStation Portable - News, Reviews, Previews, Trailers, Screenshots & Cheats - G4tv.com I'm not sure if G4 is a credible source, but I decided to be curious and search the one game that I just simply cannot wait for and this is what popped out. I can only...