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  1. pumpkinhead

    The next KH title...

    ... Will finish Xehanort's story. The Next Kingdom Hearts Title Will Finish Xehanort's Story | Siliconera Not sure if the source is reliable. It should be from Famitsu, though. Sorry if this was already posted. Thoughts?
  2. pumpkinhead

    Nomura interview in weekly Famitsu

    Put in the spoilers thread just in case :) I hope there isn't a thread about this yet... A new (short summary) Tetsuya Nomura interview has been translated from the Weekly Famitsu featuring Sora on the cover! - Nomura wants all the fans, and everyone else to know, who are still demanding for...
  3. pumpkinhead

    Hi there~

    So, after ages of stalking KHI I finally managed to register myself in here. Didn't do it sooner because I've been lazy. I LOVE Kingdom Hearts. I guess it's obvious but just wanted to let you know. I like reading fanfiction and I also enjoy drawing. Ugh, I suck at introducing myself. Nice to...