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  1. Angel's Prayer

    How to beat Sephiroth

    I thought you said 'Simple and Clean' :T Took me a few times to beat Sephiroth in KH2 (didn't try in KH1) and that was even with Ultima Weapon xD Also if you're too lazy to get Ultima Weapon, Decisive Pumpkin works just as well, thanks to it's Combo Boost ability. But since I had Ultima, I...
  2. Angel's Prayer

    Oh man I haven't drawn KH in forever...

    HERE HAVE SOME FINAL FANTASY IN THE MEANTIME SO ahem...Way back when, in another forum, a bunch of friends and I started an FFTA2 RP. It was so much fun...and then the forums kersploded, and we lost it all :'D Well not really, we had RP logs and stuff, but we never continued it after that for...
  3. Angel's Prayer

    MSPaint Fantasy

    OH NO! A fiendish Ogre has kidnapped the Princess!! Who will save her?!!! Rules: The object of this game is to defeat the Ogre and to save the Princess. The Ogre currently has 500 HP, and will be defeated when it no longer has any life left. You, the players, must defeat the Ogre within 500...
  4. Angel's Prayer


    Rode here on the 3D hype wagon. Figured I'd stalk the main site for juicy morsels of news like the old days. Not so much an intro; honestly, just posting to see who's here and who isn't (though I sort of know that answer already x3) Wellllllllp, Imma mingle around the forums and be lost in...
  5. Angel's Prayer

    Official Birth By Sleep | Unbirths Thread

    They seem to be confirmed to appear in BBS, and really, how can Mickey not have Donald and Goofy by his side? There are some screenshots showing Mickey with the two in question.
  6. Angel's Prayer

    Official Birth By Sleep | Unbirths Thread

    So if Donald and Goofy were around during BBS, and have met TAV, we can assume whatever happened back then was so unimportant they didn't bother to tell Sora about it. Also, now that I look at that one line where MX speaks of how his apprentice was corrupted, I'm getting an impression Terra...
  7. Angel's Prayer

    Leon in BBS?

    I don't think Squall was actually a coward. He most likely exaggerated it. Other accounts say he was more ashamed than cowardly because he couldn't protect Radiant Garden at the time. If Radiant Garden is involved, kid versions of the FF characters might be wandering around as NPCs, at least to...
  8. Angel's Prayer

    So it's the end of the world...

    ...what's your last message to it?
  9. Angel's Prayer

    org. xiii

    The only suggestion I shall offer is Luxord - Rould (similar to Roald) Marluxia - Lumiara (lol even more feminine) And that I highly doubt Larxene's real name was Relena, it sounds much to sophisticated for her, unless she was an aristocrat in her past life. (After all, she's also known as...
  10. Angel's Prayer

    What The Hell Happened?

    Pooh's and Ariel's worlds end after you get Orichalcum + and Blizzaga for Atlantica. If you have done this and it did not load, your game could be broken. Ah well, maybe you can try again, the second time around isn't so hard anymore :P
  11. Angel's Prayer

    Soras Level

    minus the training done to beat sephiroth, which included drive levelling, I was about 65. In the second playthrough I think I was 75 without my realization, since for a while I just hung around vacantly killing things.
  12. Angel's Prayer

    organization tiles & elements

    Actually I think Marly's element is indeed nature, because his attacks and battle in itself doesn't involve that much use of plants, other than for aesthetics. If it were Nature, the concepts of Life and Death can be considered, which is why his battle has the Doom counter.
  13. Angel's Prayer

    organization tiles & elements

    lexaeus=silent hero btw.
  14. Angel's Prayer

    Something I noticed about 358/2 Days image...

    Logically speaking, Roxas had been recently born when 358/2 days begins, long before kh2, Sora has always used one keyblade, and Roxas being his Nobody would naturally adapt to some mannerisms without his realization, since he lacks Sora's memories. I think as the game progresses and Roxas...
  15. Angel's Prayer

    Hidden Images

    It's suspicious that he just doesn't go and tell us what it is. If he wants to talk about hidden images in kh2, he should let us know exactly what sort of hidden image he wants to discuss.
  16. Angel's Prayer

    New Boss Fights

    From what I see in most videos, the trick is to hit him with set combos at regular intervals. And you should also make note of his slow descent to the ground after a combo. In the case of dodging, I don't know, perhaps develop a trigger finger that impulsively presses the square button after...
  17. Angel's Prayer

    Cargo Climb

    The key to getting the cargo to move is a finishing move, not in a combo. Unequip any combo additions, like Dragonstar said, and equip negative combo (you'll only get one) and fenrir (whihc also has negative combo on it) And unequip all finishers (explosion, guard break and finishing leap...
  18. Angel's Prayer

    Passwords' of Xemnas' CD

    ^Yes, that one. I don't think it'd be that easy to get into the room. Firstly, you'd need that CD, and considering that Xemnas has it with him, getting it would result in, well, kh2's final battle.
  19. Angel's Prayer

    BBS Combat-

    I prefer the game to be a bit more complex then just mashing the X button, which is why I enjoyed CoM then the 2 original games. KH2 was way too easy because it was button-mashing slugfest. A little tactic makes for a challenging game and a much funner one at that. Plus, you can really test how...
  20. Angel's Prayer

    something seems... a little weird....

    If I could make a guess, Terra's armor just gives him the illusion that he's tall. Screens show he's about as tall as Leon or Riku. If you look at the picture, you'll notice that the feet are not aligned, if you were to do so, you'll see Terra's actualy at a regular height.