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    Paris Je Taime

    I'm not sure if anybody will answer this(because I am not sure anybody has seen this movie)but I have recently seen this film in theaters and think it is abosolutely amazing. Anybody else have opinions on the film?
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    79th Academy Awards

    For those who don't know, the 79th Academy Awards are coming up soon(February 25th)here are the nominees. Best Visual Effects: Poseidon Pirates of the Caribbean:Dead Man's Chest Superman Returns Best Sound Editing: Apocalypto Blood Diamond Flags of Our Fathers Letters from Iwo Jima Pirates of...
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    Favorite Director O_o

    I am kindda tired of these favorite movie threads, so I have decided to do a favorite director thread. Simple, just say who your favorite director/s are/is. Mine would most likely be Quentin Tarantino and Andrei Tarkovsky.
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    Children of Men

    I have recently went to see this film and found it to be fantastic. Most likely in about twenty years or so it will be considered a classic. Great handheld camara work, superb acting(notably Clive Owens)intense action sequences and a great story! What more could you want? Who else liked this film?
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    This is strange.

    Okay, whenever I try to give somone rep it says that I do not have premission to preform this action and that I should refresh the page and try again? This has always been the case, and, I am getting sick of it. I try to give friends rep and it doesn't work, I am trying to give rep to someone...
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    Shadow of the Colossus Fanclub.

    Come on, you knew it was comin? I brilliant game like this could NOT be left without a fanclub! Here, we bascily..well, we do the fanclub type stuff. Talk about how we felt about the game, what our experiances were, what was our favorite colossus(ah yes, mine would definately be Dirge the...
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    This thread is for the brilliant show called Seinfeld, which did stop making new episodes, but sure as hell was a god damn good show!
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    A question for people.

    I can't remember what this question is called and what the original names of the characterd were, but here it goes. Your name is bob(just go along with it)and your wife is dieing. The only way you can save her is if you get this drug that this person name Bill has, but Bill is selling it at a...
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    Fanfiction ► A Tale of Anti(warning:May contain some graphic violence)

    "Things fall apart. The Center cannot hold. The blood dimm'd tide is loosed, and everywhere the ceremony of innocence is drowned; the best lack all conviction while the worst are full of passionate intensity." "The Second Coming"...
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    I have looked and didn't see a thread on this. I have read many reviews on this movie, some good some bad, and wanted to see if I could get people here to see what they thought and if they think it is a good watch?
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    This is a thread dedicated to the rock group RUSH.
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    The Magic of Disney!

    This is basicly a thread where you can talk about anything that has to do with Disney. Movies, people, plays, characters, anything.
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    What's Eating Gilbert Grape

    I just felt that I had to create a thread for this movie because it is just so good! Most likely my favorite film.
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    Batman and Spider-Man versus Superman

    What do you think would happen if Batman and Spider-Man teamed up and fought Superman. I think Superman woould still win because he doesn have every power imaginable.
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    The Lion King

    Who else loves this film? I mean it is one of the greates disney films of all time!
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    Drama and Action Films

    Since there are already two threads about Horror and Comedy films I decided I should do a thread about Drama and Action films so I wouldn't have to create two. This is a place where you can talk about all of your favorite Dramas and Actions, I think I have stated my two in my sig, but I will say...
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    Krous:A Tale of Anti

    Around the year 2035, after America had had their war which divided the country into two, a new nation was established called Neoameri. Neoameri had broken off from America after they won the war, therefore making the original America Ameriafter. These two nations hated each other, each one...
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    The Best Movie Ever Made.

    I would put this in the Movie section, but this is more of a debate. I am not talking about your favorite, I am not talking about the one with the most action(because most likely the best one isn't going to be your favorite. I am talking about the best in terms of story, characters, and camera...
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    Caption the Avatar above you

    I found thid game on another Forum. What you do is make a caption for the avatar the person above you has. Okay, go!
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    The Anti club

    I think I have recruted enough people to start a thread. This is the Anti club. We are the realm that comes after oblivion. (:nahnah: I finally said it MoO, we're stornger then you.,) and basicly this is just a place for all the Antis to came and well, discuss things. If you want to be an Anti...