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    Guitar-wielding Medicham

    :thumbsup: I need someone who can draw really good, and that knows about the Pokemon from Ruby and Sapphire. If anyone can help, I'll be thankfull. Here's the thing: I need someone to draw me a Medicham(original, not shiny version) playing a black electric guitar with his head looking at the...
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    Super Smash Bros. for DS.

    I had this splendid idea for an awesome DS game that would be compared to Mario Kart DS. Of Course, it's a NINTENDO game. Let's make it more like a remix of an old N64 classic that has now become one the greastest fighting games in GC. I MEAN SUPER SMASH BROS. DS! Let's say that the developers...
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    Ursula's Musical Game

    I just found out, or kinda figured out that the Battle with Ursula, which is said that is a musical game, It's like Dance Dance Revolution. You hit a button when it reaches to a certain point.
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    Kirby Air Ride Fan Corner

    Talk about anything here related to Kirby Air Ride.
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    Worlds shown for now....

    Okay, everyone already knows that Land of Dragons and Greece are playable worlds. The other worlds included and are going to be there are: World that will 100% appear: Christmas Town{The Nightmare before Christmas} Fabled Countryside{Beaty and the Beast} Land of Dragons{Mulan} Ancient...
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    Who"s the hottest rikku from FFX-2?

    Just like it says above. To me, Gambler Rikku.
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    Name your favorite.

    Ok, here the deal: You can name your own made up character or any character you want from any game or movie or whatever. Just named it!
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    An older and mature Sora...

    What I meant to say is that in Kingdom Haerts Sora looked like a kid and was always dumbfounded and everything. And now in Kingdom Hearts 2 we look at Sora as an older and matured teenager. "Im not sure if there was a thread about this, but feel free to tell me your opinions"
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    A bit of a "Frozen Love"...

    This is kinda strange and not topic-belonging. It's that there's this new girl in school named Heidi and ever since she joined with Kristie, both have been tormenting me. Except for the fact that yesterday Allisha told me there were some rumors that me and Heidi are together, since basically...
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    Need friends.

    Hi everyone. Im like about 2 weeks old here. But I need some friends. Pm me.
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    The 13th Order Cast.

    Okay, here's the thing: I really don't know the 13th Order people, since I never bought Chain of Memeories. So.... I need someone that can tell me who are each person and their specific details.{Including abilities, weapons, info on joining the order, background information, etc.} Well...
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    Normal RP.

    Ok, here's the thing: This is an RP so mention your character or beast or something. Here's mine: Name: Pumpkinhead Age:4000 Gender:Krastin{Unknown} Weapons:Volcano Axe, a powerful and deadly axe that can only be wield by a true master and evil lord. Description: Has a pumpkin for a head...
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    Fanfiction ► Two Sided

    Two Sided: The Devil And Angel Within... "What is this place? I never seen it before..." "But it looks familiar, like if I have been here before..." Those were the words of a young child, one who will soon find his destiny... Two Sided: The Devil And Angel Within... Chapter 1: The...
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    Name your creature!

    Ok, here's the thing: Im trying to make a story dedicated to my friends and some crazy girls who want my story so bad, but Im having a hard time deciding which creatures should I have on it. So I have decided to ask people what are your creatures you have? Just name them and describe everything...