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    Dragon Ball sagas Vs Winx Club

    Ever wonder what would happen if the Z fighters got ticked off by the Winx clubers? we will find out.. prepare to enter.. the twighlight zone... we need people for each side so it should look like this... Teen Gohan: theultimafrylock Goku: edwardelric7324 Vegeta:OblivionRiku android...
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    the nightmare before christmas rpg

    i know there are alot of Nightmare Before Christmas fans out there so i decided to make my own role playing game out of it. there will be three jack skellingtons for three time zones that eventually meet up: jack skellington (past) sandy claws jack (present) reprise jack (future) you can be...
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    who is stronger Link or or Kirby

    i was alwaise wondering who is stronger link or kirby they both have unique abilities who is stronger?
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    ill tell you

    the various questions it asks you at the beginning will effect you status wise for the rest of the game. when you choose a weapon as in the sword, shield, or wand, this will tell your strengths and weaknesses such as...