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    Question here

    something been bothering in my mind, if people put some cutscenes of kh2 in english version, why they dont put the intro with the english song? i mean,they have the english version of the game arent they?
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    owner`s of the 3 keyblades

    ok, so you remember the trailer of the 3 keyblades that appear on the trailer of the secne were the 3 warriors pick them up? ok well maybe some of you doesnt know who were the propers yet but what am i think the keyblade that has some wing on the edge might be ansem`s heyblade, the others two...
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    how ironic

    they dreamed of going to another place, and they work hard to build some raft, prepared for the big day, and finally made it but by another way, and what happenned? they came back from they were start, wow that ironic but at the same time funny dont you think?
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    Wich character you summon the most?

    you can free tell the reason of why you choose it :)
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    Who`s the most pretty?

    Let`s vote
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    Who`s the most pretty?

    Who do you think is more pretty?: 1. Kairi (kh2 version) 2. Namine 3. can`t decide and go for Larxene, haha
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    Expert needed xD

    http://youtube.com/watch.php?v=RzPC0NFcZCs&search=KH i watch this trailer of what i think, the game of kingdom hearts, but i want to know why the game looks different, also the places, spome cutscenes, well everything looks so weird and different and i want to know why is that? is that the...
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    Mushu´s Gummi ship

    Mushu´s Gummi ship Once you finish the game and get to 100 and beat sephiroth like 3 times or more its kind of bored, but you never think of what you can do with the gummi blocks, well i did it for once and im satisfied, with patience and creativity i did a mushu gummi ship, its not exactly...
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    The world that never was *Spoiler*

    in this video i found, it shows another world on kh2 called "The world that never was", i dont know if you guys already knew about it but its something new for me, this is the link http://www.youtube.com/?v=cLep_bzrDuI
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    BHK and Sora, one form?

    There was something that bother me watching this new trailer and their translations, BHK and Sora could be one form, those theory of the clothes says it all and when Namine tell youre werent suppose to exist and the new thing that says that he needs sora to become his original self, BHK could be...
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    It would be nice if...

    It would be nice if Nanaki, or RED XIII could appear on KH2, maybe on Lion kings world:D , that will be cool, dont you think?:cool: