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    don't know if anyone noticed

    dunno if someone made a thread about this, but in the subbed trailor there was a certain scene that caught my eye it was Axel bringing someone by hand into a dark portal of some sort it could be found 1:26 mins/secs into the trailor who is he taking? you think it's Kairi?
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    BHK Name Theory

    BHK's name is going to be Jonou because I say so :O
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    Cloud's Side Story(Theory, but may be true.)

    most likely the side story is about cloud and company rebuilding hollow bastion
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    Why Pocahontas Can't be in KH2

    not putting pochahontas because it took place in america is a stupid reason.. what about pirates of the caribbean.. that took place..... ... somewhere but not in japan
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    Whos Excited about Tron?

    the tron world might actually be very interesting..remember they're adding KH theme to it so... COMPUTER VIRUS HEARTLESS/NOBODIES wahahahhahaah and.. whos the main character of the movie tron.... we might have to party w/him/her o.o
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    Tron confirmed

    woooow the tron world actually looks interesting.. what a huge twist O_O go black ninja yuffie :O what the heck is tron even about..? wonder how they fight o_oa
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    I'm betting that D and Z is capitalize because they are 2 different syllables or something like.. Di Z instead of DiZ so instead of it being pronouced (diz) it might be pronouced as (dee-zee) or something among the lines of that
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    my friend said she cried on some parts of KH1, did u?

    i cired when i finally finished the game.. tears of joys! T_T i remember my sister crying at a part.. and it was kinda sad...
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    What Miyazaki Movie would make the best World?

    princess mononoke isn't disney is it?.. or is it partly?.. I wanna be a tree spirit...*clicks head annoyingly*
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    BHK's two partners...

    maybe.. just maybe... cause it seems that coats = orginization member I'm not saying this is certain.. there could be something more up w/why they have the coats.. however to everyones eyes everyone automatically thinks that the orginizations is evil simply because most of them are attacking...
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    Possible Bosses

    Omega weapon from FF8 O____O he was freakin hard to beat in FF8 and he could be freaking hard to beat in KH2 :O (if he's there)...(which i seriously doubt ;.; )
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    Sora's Connection to BHK

    "That Sora stopped beleiving in Santa Claus when he was young." i always thought that they were talking about sora when he was younger
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    BHK's two partners...

    didn't BHK and his friend sitting next to him go to a tornament or something?.. maybe thats his party..that would be kinda cool.....attack w/yo-yos!
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    Org Coats

    mmm.. theres nothing a blanket cannot do ;3 actually.. I wanna make myself one next time i go to a convention...go cosplayers!
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    wat was donald saying?

    mm.. knowing KH.. i bet it was cause how it was translated that it didnt make any sense
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    Favourite Boss/Enemy

    my favorite is oogie boogie cause his first form was really fun and his second form was easy.. but it was different
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    wat was donald saying?

    maybe queen minnie?.. or maybe the dog mars... or was it pluto?... o_o;
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    helpful orginization list

    i don't think demyx has a mullet o_O I've seen my friends use a hairstyle similar to that XD
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    Possible Bosses

    seymour as an extra boss!... or braska's final summon as one! O_O chances are slim to none ;.;
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    I'm hoping it's gonna be a long hard game.. that it may take more than 1 try on each boss.. that way we could study them again and again.. and beome frustrated that we get stuck somewhere for over an hour sometimes.. thats my ideal game