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    Sephiroth lowest level

    Yeah on critical mode in KH2FM, even Sephy is hard. One stupid mistake and you're dead (basically that's how the whole game goes in critical mode :P ) But I think I beat him around 50 to 65 in KH2, and I forgot what level I was in KH2Fm
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    New RE:CoM pics!

    I've seen the first one before, but nice find on the second one!
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    What was that room?

    This is a video I found that has the room in it. Not the best but still works Watch it at 1:45 or 2:00 YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough Part 123 The Great Heart I'll see if I can find a better vid of the room.
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    What was that room?

    That was definently a cool room, but sucked that it went away. Kind of creepy and omnious. But yeah we know what you're talking about.
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    How do I get The Ultima Weapon (Plz HELP)

    ^lol. Yeah basically there's nothing else to say. Pretty self explanatory :P
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    How do I get The Ultima Weapon (Plz HELP)

    Which ultima weapon are talking about? The one in KH1 or KH2. Well the person above already talked about the KH2 one, so here's the list for the KH1 UW. First of all, you need to synthesize at least one of each sythesis items. Once you do that, start hunting for synthesis items :) You need the...
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    Org. 13

    Yeah Cavern of Rememberance is not even part of NA or Euro KH, just the Final Mix. Sorry to pop your bubble :)
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    What ruined Kingdom hearts 2 for me....

    ^No one said that KH2 failed. Only one person said that Mickey ruined the game, and that was the person who made the thread. Both KH and KH2 had their own pluses and minuses (I don't even that was spelled right lol)
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    What ruined Kingdom hearts 2 for me....

    Like everyone else above me, Mickey didn't really ruin the game for me. I kind of don't like how the story is told in KH2. Let me explain: Those that played KHCoM before KH2 already know a lot (ie: Axel, Namine, the fact that Sora was sleeping). After playing Roxas, you know even more, like...
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    what do you think the best drive form is?

    Limit form is a drive form that get in KH2FM As for my favorite drive forms overall was the limit form and wisdom form. I liked Final Form, and it is really powerful, but it took no skill to use. Wisdom form, you have to know what your doing, and if you do, its really awesome. Same goes for...
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    nobody resemblance

    it could have just been a coincidence. or not. there will probably be people that reply here that say otherwise. in other words, until square enix says something, it will just be a coincidence
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    When is the first time you ever died in kh2

    in kh2: i have no idea. i just didn't care when i died kh2fm: that's a different story. i died at twilight thorn. only because i was on critical mode, and i was acting stupid during the battle :)
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    Silhouette Battles

    thanks XIII's Follower, that will really help
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    Silhouette Battles

    Anything special you have to do the silhouette battles? oh, and if you wouldn't mind, could you maybe tell me where they are found?
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    Kairi's Kidnapper

    Wow. It is Riku. To prove it, I list some reasons. 1)Mickey had great respect for Riku, and was close to him. Probably taught him the whistle so that Pluto can come, knowing that Pluto always comes for Mickey's whistle. 2)As others stated before, Mickey is not 6 feet tall, and the cloaked...
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    I found some cut scenes that are starting to bug me

    well, answering your first question, this is how it goes. axel may be asking Roxas this because he may be wondering if their hearts are still wandering around somewhere, that maybe nobodies do have hearts, but their hearts are just out of their bodies and just out of reach (roxas had it easy...
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    Which boss was most Hard/annoying

    probably for me would be the demyx battle not that it was hard, he had the most annoying moves that keep knocking you down plus the fact that he says the same things over and over again "dance water dance!!" "cmon get to the beat, you can't (something) me now" yeah i made my point :)
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    KH2 FM better or worse?

    i agree with you there so much more gameplay in the final mix than the original. plus you got the khcom remake, which they did an awesome job
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    After beating KH2

    however do they fix that in kh2fm? [EDIT] nevermind, answered my own question
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    Mushroom Help

    when can you start doing the whole "xiii mushroom" thing? i heard that you have to do it after you beat the game, but i didn't know if that was right or not