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    don't know if anyone noticed

    dunno if someone made a thread about this, but in the subbed trailor there was a certain scene that caught my eye it was Axel bringing someone by hand into a dark portal of some sort it could be found 1:26 mins/secs into the trailor who is he taking? you think it's Kairi?
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    looking for a video

    can anyone tell me where I can see a video where riku is at the crossroads and chooses the road to dawn? I've seen it somewhere but I can't find it anymore..and I'd really want to view it one last time for something
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    Need a quick question answered about GEU

    I've been reading so much about the glowing eye unknown.. but what keeps bothering me is that is the glowing eye unknown a guy or a girl? I've seen ppl refer to this character either way.. sometimes even both.. all i wanna know is if this person is which gender and what supports why that is from...
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    Keji's theory to mickey,diz, and the 13th order

    Keji's theory to mickey,diz, and the 13th order (might clear things up!) I know theories are getting kinda old and boring XD but I'm just itching to know what ppl think of this theory.. i want comments and i wanna know really bad if I have any flaws in it. I hope this is in the right section...