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    Conquer online

    pretty fun game in my opionion if you wanna down load heres a link here if you want help from me if you start playing im izorith sever galaxies, pluto so yea.... just pm me one if you have a question
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    the CoM card game!!!!

    this is all riku's dawn idea so dont give me cretid for it i just made the therad here aer the rules normal attack:25 combo attack:50 sleitght attack:100 Healing:50 limit 3 health: both players must decide on health fairly transformations: damage -50 for one turn so u can challeng others here
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    Official world of warcraft thread

    experss your thoughts about the game. and your ?'s and stuff like that.
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    hireing a ninja

    this is how to hire a ninja http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60gExPvyGZM lmafo is all i have to say
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    calling all world of warcraft players (WoW)

    hey ppls im getting the game soon and i know i wanna be a caster class warlock or mage just cant decide so im just looking for help on the dessicon thx in advace :D
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    new leveled up graphics presited

    ok we need a new leader since our old leader odin left :( :( im not going to let this clan fall apart again we need a new leader so any1 can vote and wen the polls are down who ever has the most votes wins Edit: holy crap if ur name is not on here im so sry just consider urself on other o...
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    the "how many tries did it take u to beat Xalidin" thread

    heres the template lvl: party: keyblade: Mode: mickeys help: number of tries: heres mine lvl 39 party: beast and donald keyblade: oathkeeper mode: standard mickeys help: suprisingly no number of tries: beat him first try it was easy
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    i got the english strategy guied!!!!!!!!!!!!

    its f*ucking big dude a whole over 300 pages and it has everything
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    thanking Maveric (spelled rong for sure lol}

    post here to thank maveric fo his nice kh2 vids
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    coolest drive form

    whats your favorite drive form and give a reason why and it cant be just cuz it looks kool i like wisdom cuz im a total magic man
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    The true keyblade master!!!!

    who do u think is the True keyblade master and why i say king mickey because he is a very skilled weilder and just cuz hes cool
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    Divine Hearts

    The story is that there is a new world and it lacks people. Its in search of new people. RULES -post your charatars name, age, weapon, special abilites or powers and a breife bio :D :D -violence is encouraged but if it gets out of hand tisk tisk and shame on u -romance is wanted but not xxx...
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    favorite key

    wats your fave out of these and why? mine is one winged angel be cause it have a kool meteor on it and it looks kool
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    Team Battle

    who whould make a better team
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    FF7 help

    i wanna get knigts of the round but i need gold chocobo but i do not know how to breed any chocobo ahhhhhhahahhah:confused: :(
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    magic spoiler

    what are the magic spells in kh2 and what do they do:confused:
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    have you ordered kh2

    this game is a buy or DIE
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    the may be in a inapropirate place but how do i get a new job on the rpg?

    im not really liking my job and i want a new one
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    Battle Royal

    In A Battle Royal Who Will Come Out On Top!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    how do i get unbaned from the chat

    i dont even know what i did