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  1. TheBucket

    Kingdom Hearts: Move

    With the inevitability of Kingdom Hearts III now becoming a reality, it's obvious that, even with its release in more than 2 years, it will no doubt be released on the PS3 (I think in a certain interview Nomura stated that.) With the recent release of the Playstation Move, future games will...
  2. TheBucket

    Eraqus Sentiment(?)

    Hopefully everyone knows about this by now...So, what is everyone's ideas? I, for one, have none. That we've seen with the Lingering Sentiment, in order for this being to be the same, Eraqus should have been in his armor when he "died." Yet we know he was not. Also, it seems to take place after...
  3. TheBucket

    Vanitas Remnant: Your Strategy?

    For those who have defeated the Vanitas Remnant (WHICH I LITERALLY JUST DID!!!! SUCK IT YOU CHEATING SUPERBOSS!!!), what was the strategy/Command Deck you used? before I explain my strategy, let me tell you my Command Deck: *Strike Raid *Strike Raid *Mine Square lv4 [Not used. If you can...
  4. TheBucket

    Command Meld Help

    So, I have a bit of a problem with the Command Melding that I can't seem to find mentioned anywhere else. I'm trying to meld Renewal Block for Terra (and later Ven) and I already have two Esuna and a Block, but for some reason, I can't select either of them. I figured maybe I had to do Esuna...
  5. TheBucket

    Ienzo's aging

    So it's quite obvious that little 10-year-old (about) Ienzo's Nobody Zexion does not look like he's a little kid, but somewhere around the age of Terra and Aqua. Only 1 year passes between the events of BBS and when the Apprentices turned into Nobodies, and I don't think Ienzo could have had...
  6. TheBucket

    ? How much is still considered spoiler?

    So, now that the game and strategy guide are out, and have been out, how much can we still consider spoilers? Terra/Xehanort? Vanitas's face? Vanitas's Linger Spirit? And if not, then how much longer before they're considered "common knowledge"?
  7. TheBucket

    BBS NA Website Update!

    The final three PSP themes have been unlocked, but not the final wallpaper. KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep | SQUARE ENIX
  8. TheBucket

    Dissidia Sequel Announced. Kingdom Hearts Involvement?

    If you head on over to the Final Fantasy Wiki, you will notice that a sequel to the 2008 PSP title Dissidia:Final Fantasy has just been announced via Weekly Shonen Jump. The sequel, titled Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy (pronounced Dissidia Duodecim) is slated for a 2011 release in Japan. Only...
  9. TheBucket

    BBS MIdnight Releases

    So, does anybody's GameStop have a Midnight Release tonight? They told me it's based on the pre-order numbers, and mine has there won't be one, but is anyone out there getting one?
  10. TheBucket

    Friendly Reminder: Aug. 30 Guide Date

    Just a little reminder to all those interested, the official Birth by Sleep Strategy Guide by Brady Games ships out tomorrow! Here is the official GameStop page (already seen on KHI's homepage a few days back) : Gamestop.com - Buy Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Official Strategy Guide - Sony PSP
  11. TheBucket

    BBS Leveling System

    For those people who have already played BBS, I have a question that I'm still a BIT confused on. Is the leveling system similar to 358, where you have to actually equip the level-up, or is it that your character (Terra, Aqua, or Ven) levels up through experience, and that only your Commands get...
  12. TheBucket

    Future of Drive Forms

    (put the spoiler tag for the just-in-case.) So, another thread about possibilities of KH3, pretty much. Seeing as there isn't much of a time gap between KH2 and 3, as we've seen from coded and the secret ending of BBS, there really isn't very much of a reason for Sora to have a new outfit in...
  13. TheBucket

    "Hidden Mickey"?

    [In the spoiler section for the just-in-case.] So, this is a thought I've been having for quite some time now, but now I just want everyone's opinions. We all know that scattered throughout every single KH game, there are random Hidden Mickey symbols. For those who don't know, a Hidden Mickey...
  14. TheBucket

    "Master" Terra?

    So, I was looking through some of the pages of the KH Wiki, and on their page listing Keyblade wielders, they have a specific section for Keyblade Masters. Aqua was in there, obviously, but I saw that Terra was not. Now, as anyone who's played/watched BBS, they know by now that Terra, in...
  15. TheBucket

    Dark Connections

    So as pretty much every single person knows by now, spoilers or not, Vanitas and Riku seem to have many similarities and connections. It has yet to be bluntly explained, but I have a small theory (that probably a lot of other people have figured out, too.) So now the spoilers, we know after BBS...
  16. TheBucket

    The Sorcerer's Apprentice

    This doesn't necessarily have too many "spoilers" in it, and it's not too much to do with BBS, but...hey, whatever. So I just got done watching the famous scene in Fantasia, "The Sorcerer's Apprentice," and a question suddenly came into my head. Could this have happened canonically in the KH...
  17. TheBucket

    New Game +

    Just a quick question that someone can close after it's been answered... Does BBS have a New Game + mode? I THOUGHT I read it somewhere that there was, but I can't remember. Thanks.
  18. TheBucket

    LS Moved

    So, it's probably nothing and I'm just looking too much into things, but I noticed something the other day. Has anyone else noticed that the spot where the Lingering Sentiment knelt down has moved from BbS to KHII? In BbS, he crouches down at the top of the raised ground near where Kingdom...
  19. TheBucket

    MX/Van's Keyblades?

    Been awhile since I posted...quick question. Seeing as pretty much all of the (important) stuff of the Ultimania has been scanned, and for the most part translated...do we STILL not have the names of Master Xehanort's and Vanitas' keyblades...?
  20. TheBucket

    [SPOILERS] BBS Secret Boss' Name

    Ok, so, everyone's been calling it the Vanitas Sentiment, but I'm not sure why. Not because I don't know who/what he/it is, I've seen the videos and everything, but I think we're misusing the word "Sentiment." Are we seriously only calling him that because of the Lingering Sentiment? Do you...