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    Go look for ze cure

    Still trying to sharpen up. This is better than the last one in my opinion.... Still needs work I know. CnC please.
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    It'll Bite Ya

    First effects/ smudge tag in god knows how long. Not the best and I know I can do better. Desperate need of CnC. Bash away! :E
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    C.S.E.D.G. Headquarters

    We Are The CRAZY STUPID EVIL DARKNES GROUP (C.S.E.D.G.) And we are on a quest to Rule the World. We need as many souls as possible to join our noble cause, for there is much we plan to do and we need all the cooperation available. Total Darkness and I shall lead you all to Greatness. And...
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    I had this problem for a while and now I kind of had enough. My screensaver wont pop up anymore... It's been a year. I'm running on a windows XP. I dont know whats going on with it. I have it on my picture slide show. I didnt set it on any stand-by mode nor the monitor. The power settings are...
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    Monitor prob?

    I replaced my old fussy monitor with a new LCD monitor. Ever since I replaced it it wont show the videos. It'll play the sound but wont show the movie. I have a thought that my graphics chip might be the master mind behind this. Does anyone know what the problem is?
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    DVD drive

    Okay heres the problem. I use a SONY VIAO laptop. There's something wrong with my DVD drive. My best guess is the lens that reads the disc. I say that because I put the DVD in and it won't read the disc so I tke is out and put ot back in and it reads it but it takes longer than usual. My guess...
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    Fanfiction ► When the World Crashes

    Hello all! I made this some time ago and chose to post it. This is just the intro and the first chapter. If you guys like it I shall post the second chapter. =3 I'm still editing the chapters so they are not fully completed yet but their something to go off on. Enjoy and happy reading. When the...
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    if this is in the wrond board just move it. anyway, I might be getting a new laptop. It'll be over the summer though. Any nono's brands or good brands I should look at? Help would be great. thanx
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    Omg!!!! O.o

    This is akward for me......I'm so going to be an AUNT!!!! I'm going to be Aunt Reno(friends call me Reno, don't ask)!!!! GDchick/Elphaba_1 is going to be a big big sister! She has another sibling on the way, and I am going to be the aunt!!!!! ...wait a sec...that means I have to help out more...
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    Happy B-day Swift!!

    IT'S SWIFT HIKARI'S 15TH BIRTHDAY!!!! WHOOT WHOOT!!! Everyone better wish him the most wounderful birthday in the whole world. Or I Reno will follow you around the forums then hide in your closet at your house, himuliate you and kill you. :D Are we clear on that? HMMM???!!! Good boys and...
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    brand new site

    there is a new site called Kingdom Hearts II and other Video Games. sounds lik a non intorest'n site but its awsum!! its just lik this 1. but it has a little more. its brand new. lots of threads. please join.
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    Bhk's Real Name!!

    BHK's real name :eek: is rachet or rachat. i got this frum twilight_passion.
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    Fanfiction ► The Turth Behind Some Of The Kingdom Hearts Cast.....

    Sora: Sora's real name is Mortamer. He was kidnapped from his home because he was too much of a mama's boy. The kidnappers tryed to thoughen him up. But they soon failed beacause he kept crying to his mommy. Thats how he got the part for Kingdom Hearts. His mom singed him up for the part to...
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    Crazy Stupid Evil Darkness Group

    hello. join the Crazy Stupid Evil Darkness Group. come and distroy the worlds with me totaldarkness1_1 and Rikusgrl and some other members. MWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. ha ha ha. if u want 2 join post a message and me or Rikugrl will giv u sum questions 4 a...
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    How liks zoids new century & zoids caotic century. reply if u do. & if u do whos ur favorit character.
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    hows heard or seen "ZOIDS"?

    is it any good if uv seen it? :confused:
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    Fanfiction ► Things You Never Hear People Say In Kingdom Hearts...

    Riku: I love you Sora Sora: I love you Riku Kiari: I hate you Sora Ansem: Lets be friends Leon: Lets go shopping at the mall and get cute outfits Mickey: I always wanted to be in the darkness Axel: Why are the heartless so mean *starts to cry* Cloud: Your nothing but a big BULLY * cries*...
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    Fanfiction ► You Know You Play Too Much Kingdom Hearts When...

    playing too much Kingdom hearts / this thread is gone this thread has already been done before so i had deleted it. :o
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    Fanfiction ► Wana Come Over 4 Lunch?

    One day Riku called Sora on his cell. Sora: What! Riku: Yo! What’s up dog. Sora: I told you Ansem, STOP CALLING ME! I am not coming over for lunch! Riku: Wow! I'm not Ansem. Sora: Oh sorry Riku. Riku: Ansem still wants you over for lunch? hu. He is never gana give up you know that right? Sora...
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    hi i'm new

    forums has been great . it has been sooo much fun. i've been having a blast. i been comenting new people(not a lot my computer is slow) trying to make freinds. i've had no luck yet. i'm try to coment as many people as i can. but i just joined a day ago. if read this message could you give a...