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    It's been a while but I've gotten some info.....

    Hello everyone it is me of course. Just wnated to say welcome me back in. The reason why I've been gone for a long ass time is because of my birthday, my new camera I should be getting, and some info I heard about KH3. Now further a due I would love to introduce toy ou of what I heard. his is...
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    Who is she?

    On the Witchblade funimation site it shows Shiori,Nora and some other Cloneblade. Can someone exactly tell me who that other cloneblade is and what exactly what is going on in that picture. If you can tell me both or even one your greatly appreacited. Thank you. And I notic it's on some dvd...
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    A secret ending?

    Well since it's been confirmed that there will be a secret ending what do you think it will be about in BBS leading to new game or something different or something leading to BBS?
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    A witchblade (anime) video game?

    Will it come true? (God I hope so.) Like for example The Cloneblades vs the Witchblades, would you want a withcblade video game to come true or not? Give me your basic hyphothesis. And ifone doescome in existence who would you majority of the time play as?
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    Did you see it?

    Did anyone notice that in the aqua scene with Ven that his eyes are moving a little bit? YouTube - Kingdom Hearts New Famitsu Scans Part 1 (Moogles,Ice cream, Synthesis Revealed) 1080p HD
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    Wisdom form?

    I'm already on Nightmare before Christmas and I notice that i don't have Wisdom form can anyone help me out?
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    Is the ultima keyblade in KH fianl mix + ?

    Well lately I've been working my ass off to get the Ultima Keyblade int he game. I googled how to get it but I didn't see any for KH final mix +. So I'm curious how do you get Ultima in the game ? And is the keyblade even in the game at all?
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    Vanitas being a extra charcacter?

    Say for example that Square Enix wanted to add a couple more things in BBS (which they probably are) and Vantias ended becoming a extra character meaning that he became a good guy. Exactly what would you do,how would you feel,and how do you think his game play would be? Just...
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    Can you guys help me and not in a bad way?

    I'm looking for a good fighitng game for the psp that's just like Queen Blade and here's a picture if you don't know what that is and I don't want it to be in a chibby or little perosn verison if it wasn't like that I wouldv'e gotten the game but here's a example of what Queen Blade looks like...
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    Be on the Lookout!

    Just wanted to let everyone knwo there is a huge delay going on with Playasia right now it's currently improving but I just messaged playasia about my stuff that i'm getting so if anyone wants to know more about type in Hong Kong post office and type in delays in their search engine but I jsut...
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    Naurto Mite Accel 3

    Anyone else other then me gettin the game?
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    385/2 days?

    Hows the game and the quality as a whole? Who do you fight?
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    Bleach Heat The soul 6 ?

    How is that game? I am really thinking about it getting it for Christmas and I've just been curious how is the game give me all the details please.
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    Which one you usin?!

    Which character are you going to use to whoop Master Xehanort's ass ? I'm gonna use Ven of course
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    Truly do you guys even like me on this forum or whatever it may be called?

    I have to ask because it seems like whenever I come majority of the time Im usually disrespected or people think I'm some pushover and they can saw what they want to say to me so I gotta ask do you guys really want me on here or not? Becuase now it's getting out of control
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    A competion in Kingdom Hearts?

    Say if there was a huge competion around the nation of the USA to see who can kill someones character faster throughout the gameor shall I say the tournament or to see who can beat the Organization 13 faster Could this come true? Would you join and what Character would you choose ranging from...
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    Nahime having a keyblade?

    Could it be possible? Im not really sure but I'm gonna ask you guys though
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    Good news part 2 !

    Ok just wanted to give you guys an update on the KH FM +....but here I....... go Its soooooooooooooooo darn fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also ended up have a flip top cover of swap magic installed on it but yes its really fun!!! Theres alot of cut scenes int here...
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    Good news !

    I will be having Kingdom hearts 2 Final mix ll shipped in on sunday (= but anyways tell me some good news that happened to while buying or anything in kingdom hearts
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    Kh 2 Final mix + and Ultimania

    Hey guys just wanted to ask is the game truly good like what people say about it or is it a big hoax because I'm getting really soon and just wanted to get some input and about the book to please so help me out