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    Dragon In Our Midst

    For anyone who loves a deep story with good descriptions should check it out. It is about two kids, each have a certain power of a dragon. The first kid: Billy Bannister, has the power of fire breath. The secon kid, Bonnie Silver, has the power of flight. Together, they must attempt to stop an...
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    The Xion Conflict

    The Xion Conflict Xion is the leader of a nation far to the East. Xion is a warrior, one of the Elite Warriors. His land is vast, and prosperous. A Western Civilization has waged war on Xion’s kingdom. The Western Kingdom has been trying to recruit the two Neutral Ninja’s, as have the Eastern...
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    Maleficent Dragon

    I seriously can't beat that boss on CoM. I can get it down to like barely any health left, then she attacks with some move/card combination that drains all my life. I am at level 25, any suggestions?
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    Also, the game's name has been changed from I-8 to Resistance. I want to get this game, after I can get enough money for the PS3.
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    The Phantom?

    I am refusing to beat the game until I beat all of the optional bosses. I have allready beat Sepiroth(sp?), and Kurt Zisa, but I satill have the Phantom and the Ice Titan to go, but I can't beat the Phantom. He is harder than Sepiroth in my opinion. Can anyone help me out???:confused:
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    The Captain is in!

    I am an avid believer in the mystery of Atlantis, and I have done research into this subject. I am a big fan of Square Enix, the creators of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. I have a list of authors whose books I have read: Bryan Davis, D.J. MacHale, J.K. Rowling, Tim LaHaye/ Jerry B...