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  1. Make up your Own KH2 World!

    how bout legend of zelda ocarina of time/majoras mask world now THAT wud be sik..
  2. English VA's...

    ^ yeah my point i dunno when u play it in jap its different
  3. English VA's...

    for those of you who've played/seen japanese clips of KH2 and have seen the new VA interviews... who agrees with me when i say the eng VActing sounds realli corny and lame compared to the japanese? your thoughts ^-^
  4. For Those who have played KH2....

    nope dont think so just u pick 2 weapons twice once in twilight town nd once in the awakening whatever u pick changes ur stats eg attack+1 etccc aiight?
  5. question about drive forms

    u need at least threee those trailers were used wit square footage nd the game testers can tweak the game neway they want they prolly made it one drive bar to show off drive forms easily. heres the requred number of drives for each form Valor: 3 Wisdom: 3 Master: 4 Final: 5 there ya go! EDIT...
  6. hey guys,does anybody knows if mickey is playable in kh2?

    yeeppp what he ^ sed...but not everybattle..=-=" mickey can do various things circle: keyblade square" ball of magic thing that repetadley hits enemy x: jump triangle: revive (revive makes mickey charge up his drive gauge, when it reaches max 3 you can revive sora nd mickey goes away FYI...
  7. Some KH2 snapshots ^_^

    lol no offense but did u take these using a camera on ur TV? wow...pretty sad i cud make better pics from the cutscenes files i have..
  8. Zexion

    mm thats tru but the thing is in kh2 when u go to TWTNW nd u see pedistals with all the org members weapons on them, zexion's is smashed....mmmmmmmmm i wonder that means he has a weapon but it might not be phyisical but that makes me wonder what was on that pedistal before it was destroyed...
  9. Language in kh2? What was SE thinking.

    hey guys at least he didnt say PWNED
  10. Does Any One Have any pics of Tifa

    i can get pics from cutscenes if u want...msg me nd ill get u some
  11. Xaldin Fight

    actually after u hit the reaction command i think ur supposed to press the attack button and what it does is you teleport above xaldin and slash downward on him. im exactly sure about the mechanics but ive done it before..its just kinda hard to grasp it
  12. kh2 commercial for NA

    even if they do its gonna be a gay commercail...prlly somegayshit like sum guy uses his door key to fight evil or sumshit...not liek sik ass japanese commercials...
  13. magic spells

    Fire-Swirl of Fire around u Blizzard-Shoots a block of ice from keyblade Thunder-Lighting comes down from sky nd strikes an area Cure-Heals u nd party members around u (takes up whole mp gauge Reflect-Casts a protective barrier around u Magnet-Casts a spell that draws enemies to a specific point...
  14. Underworld Coliseum Help

    kk im at the final cup thingy at underworld coliseum..im at the battle where u fight cloud tifa leon and yuffie at once.. anyways cud u help me ive tried so ****in hard but i cant win lol ne tips or stratigies u guys have?? thanks!
  15. Valor or Wisdom forms? (Spoiler)

    K Guys Seriously I Actually Played It I Picked The 2 Staff Items (the Stuggle Thing And The Staff) And I Still Got Valor...i Did The Same For Sword And Sheild And I Still Got Valor, You Get Valor First Coz U Get The 2nd Keyblade To Go Along With Valor If U Got A New Keyblade Wit Master U Cud...
  16. is anyone mad at....

    the magazine scans? this is only for ppl who played the japanese game but, well what im sayin is if you kept up to date with the scans regularly, you will have noticed almost everything in the game was revealed. from worlds to characters to me the only real surprise was riku, the world that...
  17. A Mystery Drive Form...(Sort of a spoiler....not really)

    its not truss worthy nd spanish i think =-= it hasnt been updated actually mayb french yes its french
  18. videosss

    can someone post a link for the ending movie of kh2 the FULL one preferable on file front ok thanks!!!! also i made this video using kh2 nd ff7ac footage i made it for my friend whos goin out wit dis guy lol NOT ME lol ok so hope u like it =-=: http://www.youtube.com/?v=UI0Nusp3wXg
  19. KH2 on GameHead...(WATCH IT)

    guyz i am recordin it ill have it up asap
  20. looking for pics

    im lookin for pics similar to these: http://media.ps2.ign.com/media/550/550308/img_3294485.html http://media.ps2.ign.com/media/550/550308/img_3294480.html http://media.ps2.ign.com/media/550/550308/img_3294464.html basically i want the writing that appears when u enter a new place. I KNOW IT...