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    KH2 Poster!

    Stupid motion blur. I still can't see Kairi's face...
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    Stitch is AWESOME. He'd be an great summon too: Eat your opponent. Or shoot those little ray guns.
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    can any1 tell me how to beat this F**kin Ansem guy?

    Scroll to back and start with LVL 0 cards. Break and raise DP. Then go Dark and pummel with normal card break attacks. When DP drops to below 30, unleash Dark Firagas. Don't forget to Double Jump to avoid attacks.
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    BHK name & crazy lame theory

    Aros is a pretty decent guess as he is the opposite of Sora (in terms of name and dress anyways). However, it could be a different anagram: Soar, Oras, Rosa (WOAH!!).
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    official kairi full image

    It's strange as how Kairi looks much more mature compared to her counterpart in KH1 where as Sora looks exaclty the same (disregarding the puberty leap though. DAMN HE GOT TALL.)
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    Twilight Town

    Wasn't it stated that before Kairi moved to the Destiny Islands, she lived in some sort of city? It's possible Kairi grew up around there. Twilight Town was originally composed of "Sora's" memories, just rearranged by Namine. Or it could've been the hometown in which Namine grew up in and she...