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    Please help me!with the first battle with marluxia

    I just beat axel and now i have to go and fight marluxia...but where is he?? i don't know where to go.can someone please tell me where i can find him?
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    I need some stuff

    Please,can someone post the lyrics from the KH2?I really want the lyrics from the Little Mermaid songs.And I also want a mp3 with the final musical song(the one in wich Ariel's sisters apaear).The most important is the song.Thank you very much!
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    Secret ending in kh2

    I heard that KH2 has a secret ending.What do you need to do so I can see it?(I'm almost at the end but I will play it again when the NA version comes out)
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    Change subtitles

    I want to know if there is a possibility to change subtitles in the game.I like to hear the characters in japanese but I don't understand so much japanse.For the people who are getting it,please tell me if this is a possibility.Harigatou!
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    Bright crystals and power crystals

    I want to make the Ultima Keyblade but I've got 2 more items to synthesise(sp?) and I need bright crystals.I know that these crystals can be obtained from a Defender but I killed a lot of them and now they don't drop them anymore.....is there another heartless from were I could get them. And...
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    The secret of the treasure chest

    In Traverse Town in the first district there is a chest that I can't open.It's located in the cafe(that place with candles on the tables.)When I try opening it,it says that is a secret to open it.Does anyone know what do I need to do?
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 demo disk

    Konichiwa miina!.Please can someone tell me if there is a demo KH 2 disk in game magazines?.Because my cousin from America is going to come in visit and I want to ask her to bring me something.And the only thing that I want is to feel the magic of KH 2 and I was wondering if there is a demo disk...
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    Konichiwa Kingdom Hearts otaku!!!(KH fans).I am Sora's star and I am a very crazy Kingdom Hearts fan girl.My first KH game was KH:Com.At first I didn't like it but when I got KH for PS2 everything changed.All the characters looked so good and there was more action.Now I'm waiting for KH II that...