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    Kingdom Hearts III Japanese Back cover. Game is 40 GB

    Keeps with the tradition of CGI Sora. Game is 40 GB that’s nice. Doesn’t look that way from the amount of worlds confirmed but maybe there’s some that are hidden. Like a Disney world or 2 original worlds.
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    Nomura confirms trailer days for December!

    In a tweet nomura confirms the next trailer will be released on December 10. Another one on the 18th which is suggested as a final one and then a final trailer to be released in theatres on the 23rd presumably to go with Mary poppins returns...
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    Thoughts on the "leak" that was posted on reddit a couple of days ago?

    Some of this "leak" seems plausible. I mean I think we all agreed it'd be 10 Disney Worlds. Princess and The Frog was a shoe in IMO for a world. Not sure about Agrabah but won't be shocked if it makes it in since it still has The King of Thieves to cover and it's a great film. The iffy part is...
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    BET THREAD: Predict Disney World Reveals. When, What world, World total, and Wager

    Okay so I'll go first. 1. Last week of October(PGW)/First week of November(Hishimoto panel) I say that it'll be The Princess and the Frog or Atlantis 2. Jump Festa I say The Jungle Book or another old school property to be appropriately announced as the last world. 100 Acre Wood will be...
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    Predict upcoming Trailer release time

    This is so hard to predict because the only thing we have is Nomura specifying the 18th Japan Time. Do you think it will be a midnight drop? Or do you think there's a specific time for the drop?
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    Nomura's favorite Disney World has not been revealed yet in KH3

    This to me means The Jungle Book. As we all know how much Nomura loves that movie along with Lion King. https://br.ign.com/kingdom-hearts-3/64641/feature/tetsuya-nomura-o-que-nao-pensa-o-diretor-e-criador-de-kingdo
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    (Geek.com Author Believes That) KINGDOM HEARTS III OVER 80 HOURS LONG!

    As it should be, 1 hour per year we've waited. :tongue: No wonder Nomura said that he was worried for the disc space. What a massive game. 10 Disney Worlds + 6 Original Worlds I imagine, that's a lot of content.
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    Mainstream Coverage for Kingdom OF Hearts III on Fox News!

    https://twitter.com/churroz/status/1015775028783169536 Oh God, the irony that this is on the network that created the term #fakenews.
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    Kingdom Hearts III will be playable at Japan Expo in Paris July 5th-8th.

    Wonder if we will get something online for this event like a new trailer debuting Big Hero 6?
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    Nomura tells Italian Magazine more trailers are coming in the next month.

    https://multiplayer.it/articoli/kingdom-hearts-3-intervista-esclusiva-a-tetsuya-nomura-201291.html The final sentence basically says that if the trailers at E3 were a surprise they have got many more surprises coming in the trailers next month.
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    Final Fantasy Characters will be in Kingdom Hearts III

    They announced this during the stream.
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    Nomura on if Kingdom Hearts III is the end of Sora's story. Sora/Riku/Kairi friendship

    "I do consider Kingdom Hearts to be Sora's story. But if I go into any more details, I think I'll be spoiling the game for everyone, so I just want to leave it at that," Nomura said. Going off of the surprising reveal that Aqua has seemingly fallen prey to the darkness, Nomura emphasized...
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    No Marvel or Star Wars in Kingdom Hearts III says Tetsuya Namura

    So nope for KH3 but probably getting them in the next saga. This is in an interview with Mobile01 BTW, Japanese website.
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    SPOILERS: New KH3 summon

    There was a leak for a summon at the premiere event. I can't post on here but it was from one of the ones we wanted ot be a Disney World.
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    Nomura confirms Kingdom Hearts 3 will have less worlds then Kingdom Hearts 2

    【マジかよ】『KH3』のトイ・ストーリーワールドは2作目の後が舞台!パラレルではなく、シリーズの時間軸上にKH3の出来事が存在:はちま起稿 Confirmation that KH3 will have less then 12 Disney worlds(the amount of worlds in KH2) but they...
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    Final Fantasy XV getting worldwide global release, could the same thing happen to Kingdom Hearts III

    This could be a great indication that KH III will be also a global release at the same time and I've always believed KH III would come before XV. I think we're gonna hopefully get a release date either this Sunday at D23 or in November at Japan D23. Either way this could be great news for us...