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    Your Order has been dispatched!?

    Hi everyone, So.. I woke up and checked my email. And this is what I found Translated it says something like: Your order has been dispatched. This is in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. And Usually this means the order will be delivered the same day! So I guess that's a lucky me :D Unfortunately...
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    Getting BBS to play online

    Hey, haven't seen a real thread about this yet and I don't want anyone to miss this possibility. Here is what you have to do: 1. download ad-hoc party from the ps-store (ps3) (can't tell you where it is in the ps-store since I dont know the english names) 2. be sure your ps3 is connect with...
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    What's your psn account?

    I was wondering what other peoples' psn accounts are (ps3) so that I can add them and play bbs with them:D
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    PSN accounts

    Hi, i'm looking for psn accounts for usage in kh bbs (ps3 ad-hoc party)
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    Hi everyone

    Hello everyone, I have a question regarding the upcoming kh game bbs. Is there a thread of PSN accounts, so that player's can find each other to use with multiplayer?