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    Please answer anyone

    anyone know about the u.k release date
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    Out of Curiosity what is the world that never was

    Out of Curiosity what is the world that never was
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    Who Agrees

    Okay who agrees before the game came out it was all the excitement of all the new info that the people on the forums would find out but now it has come out people havent wrote new info like the #1 org member and now people are moanining about i am stuck on an easy bit on Kh1 and o my god i so...
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    Title Music

    On the title Of Kh where it said New Game or Load Game well in Kh2 the song for it would either be the same or that song without singing in the early KH2 trailers
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    Any Idea. My cause spoilers soon

    Any idea how the #1 Org member is. Thunder noise in background and red flames.
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    Female Order Member

    Everone says that there is a female order member in a scan. Im looking for it but i cannot find it can someone show me or put a link to it PLZ thanks P.S dont flame. Why do people tease me. Im talking to you Orochi
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    New Drive?

    There has been a rumour that a new drive form is with riku and you go black. Is it trueif so can anyone attach alink to it
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    Little Help

    Can someone help and put a link to the new official american site. The one with the small sections at the bottom the you choose and one of them is a red ball says coming soon gameplay. I forgot the site name
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    New trailer

    Okay i want to download a new trailer from file front and i also want to know how
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    New form info

    Okay we all know a bout the new silver form and the keyblades are oblivion and oathkeeper and on the screen he has the kingdom key well the oblivion is dark and the oathkeeper is light so it like a twilight form dont flame.
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    Check this out may contain spoilers

    okay in was looking at a pic of those white creatures but dont flame me if this has happened before but thaey have a mark on their head it could be their sign like the heartless ones are the hearts with crosses.
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    Nobody MAY contain spoilers

    I was playin Reveres Rebirth and Vexen said all of us are nobodys Riku says what is a nobody. Vexen replies saying a nobody is something that Is not dark nor light a nobody is twilight and then riku starts thinking dont flame me if this has happened before if it hasnt this is kinda good
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    say wot you want

    i think the day before it releses there will be a KH2 bomb people will send stuff we will get the info we all want and finally it wont be pushed back AGAIN No one close thread PLZ
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    Say what you want no one will flame you

    okay have you wanted to say something but not get flamed or maybe others dont like your idea say it here because i have a lot of crap theories such as I dont think you play in castle oblivion i think there are only cutscenes there
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    hawaii or destiny island

    plz dont flame me if this has alredy been done but in one of the trailers when sora is holdong stictch are they in destiny island or in a new world in hawaii
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    DiZ is Ansems body

    okay i started reverse rebirth on CoM and when thesillouette is talking to riku it is DiZ sillouette but when u see ansem half way through a speech it swaps round and it is ansems head and also if you look closely on scans his eyes are the same and his skin(look closely is tanned like ansem)
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    when BHU unhoods himself pause the trailer and he will have long hair ou of his back from his head but how did it come ou when he unhooded himself because the hood doesnot fall down that much does it. First KH2 glitch:confused:
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix

    Wot if there is a kingdom hearts 2 final mix TYPE game only coming out in japan because on the original Final Mix it pised me of
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    do you no all order members

    first person to tell me all 13 members gets a wicked sig about sora going through all 6 of his forms: Standard, Brave, Wisdom, Master, Supreme and Majestic
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    Any theorys

    Any theories that you have i am happy for you to just put them down here so you can swap ideas with each other