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  1. K

    new worlds?

    what worlds do u wanna see in future kh games?
  2. K

    bbs theory

    ok so my theory is that DS was a friend of Aquas when she was younger(and maybe ven), and he's also Xehanort. and he killed her or did something really bad. thats why he was talking to her empty armor and calling it friend. and maybe he really wanted roxas in the orginization because he looked...
  3. K

    who do u think would win?

    sora or riku? axel or mickey? xemnas or all other org. 13 members? the members in CoM including axel or the ones in KH2 excluding Axel and Roxas
  4. K

    castle oblivion?

    what world is castle oblivion in, and the world that theyre in after the beat ansem. and how do they get there?
  5. K

    secret ending

    i beat the game on 100% but i didnt get the secret ending. was it because i beat it on easy?
  6. K

    days and coded theory

    idk but in days it seems like xion doesnt want to be a member and since she was number 14 but the name never changed i was thinkin that maybe there are more like her, other nobodies like xion who look human and are part of the organizzation. but maybe xemnas only uses the 13 strongest for his...
  7. K

    Heartless and nobodies

    why are the heartless called heartless if they have hearts and no bodies, and why are nobodies called nobodies if they have bodies and no hearts i never understood that