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  1. CactusAce

    Code GEASS Roleplay?

    Just checking interest in a Code GEASS Roleplay? I have a small idea of what I intend on happening in it, but I'll work on it more if I know people are willing to join. So, is anyone willing to join a Code GEASS Roleplay?
  2. CactusAce

    The Wizards of Darkwood

    Chapter I: Magick Alexander woke in the morning to an odd sight. At the end of his bed was a small, round and grey creature. 'Good morning Master!' It said in a high pitched voice, its large eyes staring directly in to Alexander's. Alexander was not shocked by this, he didn't even jump after...
  3. CactusAce

    Checking interest of a zombie roleplay

    I've noticed the roleplaying section here isn't running as well as people lead me to believe it used to be, and I am a good roleplayer, so I thought I'd make a contribution. So, this would be based in the real world (of course) and would involve all characters starting off in the same...
  4. CactusAce

    I haven't used GIMP in a while ._.

    I like the colour blue.
  5. CactusAce

    Challenge to LightandDark

    Well, as you know Light, I am sort of good when it comes to Roleplaying, so it would be strange of me to not challenge you. So, here are the details: This is a Battle based as an RPG, you select from 3 classes to start with, then you will "Level Up" depending on how much damage you have dealt...
  6. CactusAce

    Hiyas! :D

    Hi! I'm new here, just joined a few mins ago, so I guess I need an introduction. Well, I'm obsessed with Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon and of course KH! I can roleplay, write okay stories and use GIMP in an okayish way. My favourite book series is Skulduggery Pleasant. And that's it pretty much/