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  1. KHShilon.

    Guide To Defeat MF With Terra

    So, I found out a pretty simple way to defeat MF with Terra. It was unbelievably hard at first, but once I found out this strategy it became much easier. This was on Proud Mode. These are the stats: LVL: 53 (I recommend 50+) Weapon: Chaos Ripper Deck: Fire/Thunder Surge x5, Curaga x3 It...
  2. KHShilon.

    Terra V.S a secret boss

    After countless attempts trying to defeat Vanitas Sentiment with Terra, I finally won. It was unbelievably hard to win with Terra, it took me hours just to win... Did anyone else have a hard time beating him with Terra? It was much easier with Ven and Aqua, because they have a much better...
  3. KHShilon.

    Just Joined

    Hey everyone! I just joined the forums, I'd like to introduce myself. You can call me Shilon :)